Is it better to watch the tv series before the star trek film series?

I have never seen any star trek movies or tv episodes and was wondering whether to start with the tv episodes or film series...

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  • Elle
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    1 decade ago
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    Omg, this is REALLY important...

    You MUST watch the tv series first, otherwise you will get really confused and you will not like the movies.

    My parents made the mistake of showing me Wrath of Khan as my first thing of star trek, and I was totally confused the whole movie. This is because the films are made for people who have seen all the episodes and everything, nothing is explained. Plus, if you haven't been there through all the history that the characters have gone through, friendship/relationship wise, you won't really get the full dramatic effect of the movies at all.

    Now, the new 2009 star trek movie is actually an ok place to start. It introduces the characters and the enterprise, starfleet and one of the famous of two enemies, the Romulans. However, the movie is set on an alternate time line (think back to the future sort of; some one went back and screwed with history so now it's like we've gone back in time to do everything over again with all new adventures).

    I would personally start with the 2009 movie, then watch the episodes, then the movies. Just remember to take into mind after watching the 2009 movie that things happened differently before the episode's took place.

    Some good things to know about the don't really have to watch them in order. They don't build on each other like other shows, each one sort of starts and ends with everything back to normal. This means you can skip around through the seasons and watch the ones that look most interesting first.

    A good episode to start with is Trouble with Tribbles. All the characters are in it, so you get to meet everybody, and it's a classic star trek plot, full of humor. The story is really good, too. But, they are all really good.

    Whatever you do, make sure you watch the episode "Space Seed". It's the episode is sort of the pre-Wrath of Khan episode. You have to watch it, or you won't totally understand Wrath of Khan.

    Also, you MUST watch the movies in order. Unlike the episodes, the movies do build on each other in a HUGE way and if you try to watch them out of order you will be confused. Also, it will basically ruin the end of the other movies for you.

    Feel free to skip Star Trek: The Motion Picture. It's just a basic transition movie that explains two things...1. that the crew of the enterprise made it back from their mission safe and are now 20 years older, 2. The Klingons are back and the federation is still their enemy. It's pretty much the equivalent of a "just ok" episode, only 2 hours instead of 1. Just skip straight to Wrath of Khan.

    Skip the movie Generations. Basic thing that comes out of that movie: Picard is captain now, and fans of Kirk become forever mad at this movie. FOREVER MAD! This movie is known to a lot of trekkies as "the shat fail" >_< Anyway, Picard is the captain of the enterprise for the series TNG (the next generation). I do not like TNG, but some people really do, so after you finish TOS (the original series), hahaha your learning so much trekkie talk ^_^, watch all the movies up to generations, then try a couple of TNG episodes to see if you like them. If not, stick to Kirk like me :)

    Hope this helps :) Live long and prosper \\//_

  • Anonymous
    5 years ago

    Hell yea I fricken love star trek... The original 60's stat trek is kinda old and hooky but still has really great storylines... The other 4 spin off series are amazing too especially deep space 9... And if you really like 2001 then you should really star trek the motion picture... For most people its to dry, and too long and drawn out.... But its a great Sci fi story... Next to wrath of Kahn I would say its the best movie!!! I really hope you get to watch them all, and enjoy them as much as I did growing up!!!

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    the film is like the series summed up so watch th film

    really good movie btw

  • 1 decade ago

    the 60s tv show is too campy now days.

    NEXT GENERATION and STAR TREK VOYAGER concerns real emotions, and loss, and death.

    the latest movie is a bad joke; a really stupid movie that makes fun of the series.

    justintv has at least one channel that shows star trek 24 hours a day.

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    Hurrah, that's what I was searching for! Thanks op of this question.

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