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Middle name suggestions for ALICE?

I like unusual names.

*Cannot have anything that sounds like Belle/Bella/Bel, because then it would be too similar to another name on my list.

*She will have two middle names, it's a family tradition.

*A mythological name that goes well with Alice would be nice since my daughter Poppy has a myth middle name: Andromeda.



No I'm not.

I don't even like those books, thank you very much.

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    Alice Calista Wren.

    Alice Thisbe Raine.

    Alice Demetria Adele.

    Alice Calliope Winter.

    Alice Freya Indigo.

    Alice Casseopeia Blythe.

    Alice Ianthe Pearl.

    Alice Thalia Fable.

    Alice Sabrina Azure.

    Alice Titania Autumn.

    Alice Philomela Eleri.

    Alice Sirena Imogen.

    Alice Kalinda Heidi.

    Alice Ingrid Viola.

    Alice Laufeia Ivy.

    Alice Castalia Piper.

    Alice Nereida Skye.

    Alice Oceana Eden.

    Alice Pandora Scarlett.

    Alice Calypso Ruby.

    Alice Levana Camille.

    Alice Phaedra Isolde.

    Alice Rhiannon Lucia.

    Alice Minerva Willow.

    Alice Persephone Lucille.

    Alice Terra Mathilde.


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    Alice Anabelle Alice Camille (love it) Alice Grace Alice Brianna Alice Faith Alice Sofia Alice Victoria Alice Natalie Alice Kaylie Alice Paige Hope this Helps!!! :D

  • Aga
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    These might suit a sister named Poppy Andromeda Marie:

    Alice Zipporah Claire

    Alice Liberty Rose

    Alice Hermione Lily

    Alice Halcyone Rose

    Alice Fotini Clio

    Alice Calliope Brigit

    Alice Cleone Echo

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    Mythological names-

    Alice Cassandra

    Alice Artemis

    Alice Helena

    Alice Pandora

    Alice Olympia

    Personally, I really like Alice Cassandra- I think it has a really nice sound to it. I love how both your daughters have mythological middle names- such a cute idea!

    Best of luck.

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  • Anonymous
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    Renee Caitlin

  • 1 decade ago

    are u going for a twilight theme with the Alice and Bella names??

    what about Athena? or Hera?

  • 1 decade ago

    Alice Juno Eris

    Just popped in my headd...

    Juno means the protector of women and of marriaqe.

    Eris means qoddess of discord;; sister of Ares

  • 1 decade ago

    Zephyrine Nadia

    It is pronounced (zey fer EEN)

  • 1 decade ago

    what about Athena the godess of wisdom or aphrodite the goddes of beauty.

    Source(s): greek mytholgy
  • How about.....Hestia or Calypso. Or Athena.

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