Will outdoor cutter aerosol Insect repellent..?

Work on spiders? The kind that are greyish Green that always come out in spring. They're infesting my backyard and making there way in the house. Not infesting the house but i kill at least 3 a day. I have used the home defense indoor outdoor spray and spray once a week in spring and its like theyre immune to it. i spray indoor twice first then outdoor so none run in. I found cutter rband aerosol spray but dosent specify spiders. Anyone know a fairly priced outdoor spray or aerosol that works effectively. Thanks so much!

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    1 decade ago
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    Cutter sprays are insect repelants and do not repel spiders. You are going to have to buy a chemical that specifically kills spiders. I have never heard of one that will repel spiders. Otherwise just leave the spiders that are outside alone and just kill the ones that invade the house. Spiders generally feed on insects anyway and are desirable. Probably in a few weeks the spiders will leave and you wont see them again until next year.

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    4 years ago

    No, do no longer use "OFF". Your Vet sells a product referred to as Advantix, it rather is a topical you word as quickly as a month and it kills and stops fleas, ticks and mosquito's. cost approximately $11-$13 consistent with tube counting on your canines weight. it somewhat is by prescription only, so your canines might have had to been to the Vet interior the previous year earlier they could dispense it to you. Frontline could be bought over the counter (no prescription needed) yet only kills fleas and tick's, no mosquito's....somewhat extra costly yet nonetheless works ok. in no way use any of the topicals you need to purchase in shops (Hartz, Seargent's etc) they are in a position to be poisonous and don't artwork, so as that they waste your money! Adam's flea spray is likewise good and secure. bought @ some Vet's and in puppy shops. you need to apply it to the side of Advantix or Frontline and mist them down earlier they pass outdoors.

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