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Norwegian Citizenship?

Father: born in China, naturalized Norwegian citizen since 1987 and is no longer a Chinese citizen

Mother: born in China, retains Chinese citizenship

Me: born in the US in 1992, still retains US citizenship

Other information: I was born in the US in 1992. At the time of my birth, my dad was already a naturalized Norwegian citizen while my mom was still Chinese. We then lived in Norway from 1994 until 2001.

Am I eligible to be a dual US-Norwegian citizen?


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    Yes,you may apply for Norwegian citizenship provided that your Father has not Naturalized in the US.You only have a limited time to apply though.

    "Norwegian citizens born outside Norway

    Norwegian citizens born outside Norway must apply to retain Norwegian citizenship before their 22nd birthday. Renunciation of foreign citizenship is not required, however it is necessary to demonstrate ties to Norway.

    Dual citizenship

    In general, dual citizenship is restricted under Norwegian law. However a number of exceptions apply:

    * persons born outside Norway to Norwegian who acquire the citizenship of the country of birth (for example, a person born to Norwegian parents in the United States)

    * persons born to a Norwegian and a foreign parent who also acquire the other parent's nationality at birth

    * where persons acquiring Norwegian citizenship by notification or naturalisation cannot give up their existing nationality

    * in cases where the law exempts citizenship applicants from renouncing a foreign citizenship (such as a person born before 1979 to a Norwegian mother)."

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