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Does any one know about shipping to Ecuador?

Since my family and I are moving to Ecuador, can I ship stuff there? What is the most economical and safe way to ship my things? And the shortest? I have been researching, but one place said it would take 3 months to ship by container if I wanted to send a car for example. So I am really looking for the most affordable, fastest, and safest way to send a few things there please!

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  • Jess
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    1 decade ago
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    When my family moved to Ecuador we brought everything we could in suitcases on the airplane. Of course that was back before when you could actually bring luggage on the airplane.

    I leave packed suitcases at home that I can't bring with and have my friends/family bring them down when they come to visit. And paying for an extra suitcase is often cheaper than shipping.

    I don't know if you're really planning to ship a car, but if so have in mind you can only import a car of the present year. Ex. A 2010 model. If it's 2009 or older you won't be able to get it into the country. Even if it's a 2010 and arrives in Jan of 2011 they won't admit it.

    Many household items are easily obtained in Ecuador so you may find it easier to sell what you have at home and buy new in Ecuador.

    I Googled: shipping to ecuador and got a ton of results. The link below is the one I thought looked easy to get a price with.

    If you're sending small stuff the US Postal Service works fine. It takes a week or two for a priority package. Costs around $50.

    Be aware that customs in Ecuador has gotten really strict on ANY shipment. You will most likely have to pay customs fees when your stuff arrives in Ecuador, which depending on what you send could be killer.

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    Shipping To Ecuador

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