can being 'pretty' help with becoming an actress..(:?

I've researched a bit on actresses and actors etc. and it seems alot of directors and agents hire 'pretty' people. it also seems like modelling or being 'pretty' is a gate way to fantastic situations such as acting, dancing and singing. For instance: Cameron Diaz was a model until she was discovered and put ahead for Jim Carreys movie ' The Mask', Vanessa Williams, Halle Berry, Famke Janssen and so on; all of these people have become famous through modelling. And again with the new main actress of disney channel 'Starstruck' - Danielle Campbell - she was discovered whilst having her hair cut and because the director thought she was pretty - she was offered the part in the movie.

So do you think that being 'beautiful' could help you in the film industry?

Please include any known experiences etc.

Thanks in advance :)

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    It has advantages and disadvantages, actually. Obviously, people like their female leads to be attractive because movies take us into a fantasy world. Most directors and producers are male and ordinary looking, so they seem to enjoy the notion of a regular-looking guy being paired with an ethereal beauty in anything that involves romance. It's an unfair double standard, but it's very real.

    But there are tons of gorgeous "actresses" whose careers will be cut very short when it becomes apparent they have no talent. Most of the Disney actresses, for instance, were hired for having a certain look or attitude. Since they're being marketed exclusively to kids, they're able to get away with bad acting. But once their Disney jobs end, they'll probably have a lot of trouble finding work. Cuteness has a short shelf life and once they're adults, they'll have to demonstrate some serious talent before they'll be considered for other roles. When kids are plucked from obscurity and turned into stars, they don't have any incentive to develop acting skills. And most of them couldn't care less about acting, anyway. They don't want to be actors so much as they want to be famous. As a result, just about all the teen stars throughout history disappear into obscurity once their audience grows up and can distinguish between good and bad acting. When today's Disney stars go to auditions in five or ten years, they'll be competing against people who've spent years learning and mastering the craft of acting. And since there's no shortage of talented people who are also beautiful, the Disney pedigree won't mean a thing.

    Some of the Hollywood glamor girls want desperately to do roles that aren't dependent on their looks, but find their attractiveness an impediment. And since they're known primarily for their beauty, it can be hard for them to alter their appearance without people focusing on the transformation, rather than their acting talent. In those cases, directors would prefer to hire ordinary looking actresses, since they want audiences to focus on the message of the movie. Charlize Theron fought hard to land the role of serial killer Aileen Wuornos in "Monster", since the producers didn't consider her an appropriate candidate precisely because of her looks. Her acting talent ultimately convinced them that she could do justice to the role, but she faced many obstacles in her quest for that Oscar.

    Looks may open doors for an actress, but if she doesn't have the talent to back it up, she'll soon be tossed onto the Hollywood scrap heap. The smart ones who were "discovered" and given opportunities because of their beauty realized that they'd need to develop any natural talent they have if they were going to make acting their career.

    I always think of Toni Collette as the ultimate actress, since she's carved out a hugely successful career for herself despite being rather ordinary looking. She's so talented that she can play any role -- even ones that were clearly written with great beauties in mind. It's her ability to completely inhabit every character she plays that makes her 100% convincing. I wouldn't be surprised to find out Cameron Diaz and Halle Berry are actually envious of Toni Collette, since directors don't regard her looks as either a good or bad thing. They know she can play anything from a sexy seductress to a down-and-out thug and that audiences will lose themselves in her portrayals. And in her Showtime show "United States of Tara" she plays a woman with multiple-personality disorder, which is sort of the ultimate actress' playground. Here's a clip that will give you an idea of her capabilities:

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    I have met some of the beauties over the years. Without the make up the hair styling, the clothing and the great camera work, many are really plain.

    It is like getting a glamor shot at the photographer. They can perform miracles.

    Also the fan magazines and the magazines sold at the check out counter are full of stretched truth and sometimes out and out lies.

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    Nobody wants to stare at an ugly face for 2 hours during a movie.

  • Anonymous
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    If you're a woman, yes, it's helpful to be beautiful. Just think: How many actresses are unattractive? Close to none.

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  • you see i want to be an actress and im not that beutiful...people begg to differ but i think im ugly...and ive never got turned down for anything ive auditioned for yet!!

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