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What foods causes man boobs?

I hate having man boobs.It's embarrassing to take my shirt off when i am at a pool.How do i get rid of them!Would working on a treadmill help burn them off including the rest of the fat on my body?How do those people on the Biggest Losers lose weight that fast!?please help!

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    Most people claim that "man boobs" are caused by a hormone imbalance... what they don't realise is that this isn't the "root cause". A hormone imbalance doesn't just happen, something has to trigger it.

    Our bodies are made up of over 75 trillion cells. To stay vibrant and healthy they need 3 key elements...

    1) Oxygen

    2) Minerals

    3) Being able to get rid of their waste

    Because the western diet and lifestyle is so poor, our cells are seriously deprived (and these are the very building blocks on which we live). As a result some die, but even more worryingly; some mutate. Also, our bodies surround the pollution in fat to protect us from the harm it can cause.

    This is the real reasoning for a build up of fat in the chest.

    # Here's the crucial advice - Try this for the next 10 days and judge by your own results...

    1) At least 70% of your diet should come from vegetables. The cells in your chest need the minerals to become healthy again.

    2) Drink 3-4 litres of pure water a day. Water has been proven to remove fatty deposits almost immediately. It also contains essential minerals.

    3) Exercise aerobically for at least 20 minutes everyday. Your body has an internal sewage system called the lymph system. However, in order to get all the junk out, it needs to be manually pumped through deep breathing. By doing so, you're getting oxygen to the cells and getting rid of the waste.

    Understanding the cause of "man boobs" is just the beginning.

    Continue on to discover how to lose your man boobs. Simply follow the link and claim your complimentary course '5 Days To A Flatter Chest', courtesy of an expert in the field.

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    Well fatty foods, to cure -->general healthy diet and exercise if they are just weight related Sometimes they are caused by other issues such as hormonal imbalance, in this case you will need to see a health professional (and if your weight is enough of an issue that may not be a bad idea either) If it's weight then the foods that cause them are the foods that make you fat..... but if it's hormonal then there is more of an issue with estrogens in our food these days, one tip is not to microwave anything in plastics as this causes estrogens in the plastic to seep into the food and while cardio (ie the treadmill) will help, weight work is particularly good for men (and good for women) but you guys build muscle faster than us so go pump some iron!

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    Some of them go to a surgeon to remove them. You can also work out, and maybe, don't eat too much fat in your meals. Exercise and healthy food is a good way to start.

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