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On the news a bill was put forth to have Power Co. produce part of its electricity through solar, good or bad?

The Democrat Congressman has this bill but the Republican Governor veto it. Gov. says it cost to much and does not produce enough jobs.


Everytime the Democrats come up with something the Republicans say NO. Where are their programs??

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    It's a good idea. The main provider of electricity in California, PG&E (Pacific Gas & Electric), appreciates the future of using solar power. In fact, their plan is to buy solar power beamed from space. Gov.Schwarzenneger (R-CA) is also a strong supporter of solar energy.

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    partly, they already do (partly)! lots of the southern states, like Florida, Texas, Arizona, have very energetic image voltaic means setting up markets. there are hundreds of properties in those states the place human beings have put in image voltaic panels on their properties in each and every of those states. the means they generate is the two used in the present day via their properties and/or sent returned into the electrical powered grid. while it incredibly is sent returned, the (materials proprietor with the image voltaic panels) gets credit for the over production of means. Then at evening they "pull" from that credit. If all is going nicely, their electric powered bill is close to 0 each and each month and that they've made a distinction, one abode at a time, in making our electrical energy cleanser and greener.

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    Every little bit helps. If we could find alternatives for 50% of our energy needs we would no longer be held to Mid Eastern oil. Although, I've read we buy most of our oil from Canada. What if we just invaded Canada?

    I'm just kidding but I'm sure some of you would like that.

    The Republicans have acted like lying children since the elections.

    I'm quite sure that most of the voters see that and won't elect them back in.

    There's another militia instigating violence on the news right now.

    These people are unstable and dangerous but they will not win any battles.

    I really love this country, I don't use it as a slogan to enlist wacko recruits.

    And I will protect it even if it means my life.

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    Believe it or not MANY electric companies are starting to use more and more clean energy sources and a few ONLY use clean energy. This is why free market works. If the people want nothing but clean energy they can choose an energy company that only uses clean sources. Guess what. The ones that do not use clean energy will then either go out of business OR convert to clean energy....ALL without government intervention.

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    What ....another dumb bill that cost trillions and trillions more money for the taxpayers to pay, and this is a deal that Pelosi and some dumb a*s with a company that makes them windmill type gadgets, so Pelosi can make a killing off of it and fatten her bank account with billions more, before she is send to the Botox Scrapyard in November. NO is right, cause it is a dumb bill, as all the Pelosi, Reid and Obama extortion bills are.

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    Well it's good for the environment, usually, but bad for the pocketbook. the electric company will pass down the bill of building the solar plant to you the customer. As well as any maintenance through the life of the plant.

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    Only an idiot would suggest this. Solar is just not efficient to get out of single digits as a percentage of the electricity we use and will not in my lifetime.

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