16 year old guy, 18 year old girl, Massachusetts, legal sex?

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Is it legal in Massachusetts for a 16 year old guy and an 18 year old girl to have sex?
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  • James answered 4 years ago
It's not illegal if nobody finds out.
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  • WRG answered 4 years ago
    The age of consent in Massachusetts is 16, as specified by Chapter 265, Section 23 of the General Laws of Massachusetts, which states:

    "Whoever unlawfully has sexual intercourse or unnatural sexual intercourse, and abuses a child under sixteen years of age shall... be punished..." MGL 265-23

    However, Chapter 272, Section 4 sets another age of consent at 18 when the "victim" is "of chaste life" and the perpetrator induces them.

    "Whoever induces any person under 18 years of age of chaste life to have unlawful sexual intercourse shall be punished." MGL 272-4


    What that last part means is if you were a virgin the age of consent goes up from 16 to 18.
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  • Mutt answered 4 years ago
    Legal, yes. The age of consent in Massachusetts is 16. But it doesn't mean that it is right.
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  • T answered 4 years ago
    legal yes...fun..Mmm doubtful
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  • Lennart42 answered 4 years ago
    I don't think so, because a 16 year old would still be considered a minor.
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  • Anthony answered 4 years ago
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