What will the volume be at standard temperature and pressure?

A sample of nitrogen has a volume of 4.97 L at 888 mmHg and -37 °C. What volume will it occupy at standard temperature and pressure?

The formula I am using is V2= P1xV1xT2 divided by T1xP2

I guess I don't understand the concept of Standard Temperature and Standard Pressure...the answer is 6.72 but I don't know how to come to that.

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  • Ron J
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    1 decade ago
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    standard temp and pressure are 0 C (273 K) and 760 mm Hg

    work with these figures to get STP

    don't forget to change temp to K

  • 1 decade ago

    did you convert Celsius to Kelvin?

    (4.97)*(888) over 236K = (x)*(760) over 273 ...and I 6.71748...

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