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I'm scared of toppling down an escalator?

I need to go down an escalator in a week, and instead of copping out and taking the elevator, I want to face that escalator head-on.

I know it seems silly to most people, but I am scared of falling off of it, slipping, or toppling down it when I have a lot of bags on me.

I know I'll have a purse and a heavy messenger bag on me, so I'm already scared.

Any tips on how to bring heavy items onto the escalator?


My laptop weighs 3498394834 lbs., but I can't leave it behind, so I need to find some way to carry this heavy bag. I'm afraid of the weight making me topple forward or backward.

Update 2:

It's the first step on that gets me the most, once I'm on, my adrenaline is rushing, and I'm fine.

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    Just step on and hold onto the side, you'll be fine. I have taken suitcases and items as large as STROLLERS on escalators and haven't ever had a problem (this is huge considering I am the klutziest person alive). If I can do it, you can do it. :)

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    Place the heavy bag on the escalator, step on behind it and then pass to the step in front of it. You should be able to manage that by hanging on to the side rail. This means that when you step off the escalator, your bag will arrive just after you and you will be able to grab it while standing on terra firma.

    I know how threatening an escalator can seem. There was a time when I had to travel by underground with both feet in plaster!

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    i've got mastered going up a down escalator. you in simple terms quite bypass a step at an identical time as working up. Now happening an up escalator is undertaking and extremely tiring. Dont have self assurance attempt it whilst your bored in a mall. I failed terrible and landed on my backside quite a few cases attempting to defeat this and continuously the up escalator comes out on perfect. yet its hella humorous nevertheless whilst your bored stiff in no longer something to do. no longer something says relaxing like out of breath laughter.

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    just step onto it like you would normal stairs. then stand still and hold onto the hand rail.

    when it reaches the top just take a step like you would with normal stairs ;)

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