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Why are a lot of Filipinos such onion-skinned?

I've heard this line before, but I've never truly understood it until now when I saw the issue regarding Adam Carolla. I know what Adam Carolla did was wrong, but what's really sad is the way thousands of Pinoys reacted.

Is that the way a CHRISTIAN country should react? That we all group by the thousands, lead by blind rage, and hurl childish name callings? Is this how Filipinos really are? Is this the manifestation of the CHRISTIAN teachings that we are so proud of? Are we really hypocrites?



Thanks for the great answer. Following your analogy, why yes I would get mad. BUT Carolla didn't talk BS about my family didn't he? Is Pacquiao my family member? Is Pacquiao your family member? This is exactly my point, why are do most Pinoys take things SO personally?


Yes I would react. But there is a calmer way to react. And reacting like cavemen is not a good way. This is exactly why the rest of the world sees us as a laughing stock. Also he was corrected by his own co-host about the sex tourism thing and he admitted his mistake on air. ALSO he is partially right about the sex tourism though because WE DO have sex tourism, albeit small.

Update 2:

@eezy jex

Yes I am very familiar with what Carolla said. In fact I listened to the whole show, and not just the small snippets from Yahoo. And I did not get insulted because I understood his points. The "get your sh*t together" part was a challenge to us pinoys if we will or will not live up to the claim that we have no lives or that we revolve our lives too much around Pacquiao. The s*x tourism part is invalid, because if you listened to the whole show he himself was corrected by his co-host and he admitted his mistake on air. So no point in getting mad over that. Besides, there IS a partial truth to that because we DO have sex tourism here, although very very small and underground compared to Thailand.

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    If he has the right to say anything to everyone, don't we all have the right to react? It's not about being onion-skinned...It's our right to express what we feel. tarugongbayan is right what Crayola said is an insult... and the people's reaction has nothing to do with Christianity...

    If you heard someone talking BS in front of camera about you and your entire family what will you do? I'm just curious... can you answer this? and don't be hypocrite please...


    Thank you for your honest answer to my question. well, that would explain a lot...

    Loving your country will not end by loving ONLY your own family...

    Honestly I'm not taking his INSULT so personally and this is the first time I answered a question related to Crayola.. I'm just practicing my freedom of expression...

    re: sex tourism... my goodness! sex tourism is rampant all over the world and more rampant in his OWN country....


    My point here is in my first paragraph...Btw, What he had said was a good slap to our corrupt and useless government which until now believes that P1 is equal to USD1$...

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  • This reaction of anger and contempt for Carolla is warranted no doubt considering the gravity of his statement on a nationally syndicated program insulting the Filipino race and calling its national icon an idiot . Of course he apologized later but the damage has been done. Like you I do not know this guy but researching him I found him to be a third rate struggling comedian wanting fame, I should say instant fame by all means. Comments or expressions like these reveal lack of foresight and good judgment, probably ignorance of other culture's sensitivities. When the Danish newspaper published an article called "The Face of Mohammad" Muslims around the world reacted violently. More than a hundred died due to rioting. Carolla is lucky he sitting pretty in his living room enjoying his new found fame. It could have been worse.

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    I'd like to see a Christian person in this modern day and age that can't, at some point in his/her life, be deemed a hypocrite. The famous Filipino evangelist preacher Bo Sanchez once mentioned in his opening letter for an issue of Kerygma a couple of years ago that he deemed himself to be "God's greatest hypocrite." As much as most Christians would like to say that they eat, live and breathe the 10 Commandments, the truth is that most of us don't. But to be honest, many of the bad things we say or do have nothing to do with being a Christian. Some of the bloodiest battles on this earth have been fought for the sake of religion. You should know by now that religion is not the single most important factor when it comes to choosing one's words and actions.

    I've personally never heard of Adam Carolla before his name started showing up on Y!AP. With that said, I really do not care much about who he is or what he said, but I can understand why other Filipinos would be offended. I'm not exactly sure how the saying "bato bato sa langit and tamaan ay huwag magalit" applies here, but it feels like it fits.

    I, myself, think that name-calling is an immature and futile way to prove a point (because it doesn't prove anything) but I can't speak for everyone else. The thing is that our Pinoy pride unites us through many things: both good and bad. We take pride in each other's accomplishments, and we take offense when someone bashes on one of our own. I'm not really into boxing, nor am I that crazy about Pacquiao; so that might be why I'm so unbothered by the comments. I usually refuse to listen to smack about Filipinos coming from non-Filipinos. More often than not, they don't know what they're talking about.

    From a more neutral perspective, I do think that Carolla's comments were inappropriate and uncalled for, especially the swearing, so it's a good thing that he at least apologized for the incident. Now, I think it's about time that we forget about this guy and stop giving him the attention that he doesn't really deserve.

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  • Jex
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    Are you familiar with these words?

    Get a f*cking life as a country. is all you f*cking got this illiterate guy who won't give up blood who happens to smash other guys in the head better than other people? That's all you have?

    Really? You want some guy with brain damage running your country? Why don't you get your sh*t together? They got this and s*x tours! That's all they have over there! Get your sh*t together, Philippines! Jesus Christ!

    That's the beauty of this country. We got way too much sh*t going on in this country. There's so much sh*t going on that you couldn't build your whole existence around LeBron James or Tiger Woods....Like the Philippines, that's all you got. That's it. I say get a life. Don't live vicariously through some dude who doesn't live there.

    Do they do those s*x tours over there? ...A bike s*x tour? Don't they have s*x tours there? See if they can do a s*x tour over there, book that for me. Go to priceline.

    Now, how do you react?


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  • 10 years ago

    Adam Corolla attacked Manny Pacquiao calling the Philippines a nation of whores. Aren't you gonna react on this? MotherFu***r you got thick skin.

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  • 10 years ago

    BECAUSE FILIPINOS are over sensitive and like you said onion-skinned. I don't suppose they like onion a lot? It is rooted since the very beginning in the Filipino culture. We as I often said in my post, are ONE OF A KIND in Asia. Whether you hate it or love it, it all depends on your own prospective of the Filipino people.

    ACTUALLY, we are the one who created the ghost that haunts us. Take the case of Manny Pacquiao for instance, everything about Manny is publicize/scrutinize and make news in every newspaper. Kulang na lang pati pag ihi at pagdumi ni Manny i-monitor pa rin ng newspaper. About his rumor love affair recently. Everything. Because this is how Filipinos are really. Gossip is our cup of tea. Pag walang tsismis siguro mamamatay lahat ng Filipino. We love to talk about other people's business. Filipino mentality is very low or below average. What Adam said in some extent is true. So bakit ka magagalit kung 22o naman ang sinasabi diba? So why not just focus on the good side of everything. He said all the negative side of Filipinos, then why not we show our good side naman, just like a coin that have 2 side diba? Filipinos are just like you said react violently and sometimes like a CHILD. True. Depensa agad ang iniisip. We should look at what Adam said and think about good remedy on how to avoid it and not repeat the same mistake all over again.

    WHAT ADAM SAID IS A WAKE UP CALL FOR US Filipinos. From Teri Hatcher to that BBC series where a Filipina maid dance in front of his British employer to this. We never change on how to react. We are still a child. We simply never grow up. WE ARE PETER PAN, the boy who refuse to grow up. You might ask yourself why. Because we simply do not want to grow old just like Americans/French/German etc....

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  • Anonymous
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    Calling Adam Corolla an idiot would be an insult to all the stupid people.

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