Geek squad recommended and ADR for OS... what do I need to do?

So, I have my recovery discs. I want my computer to run normally again. As of now, it is running extremely slow. I DO NOT want to perform a system restore (that will not be enough at this point; I need to take more extreme action here). How do I reboot this thing? I have a Hp notebook with Windows Vista. Please give step by step instructions if you want to help. I can work my way around the computer but I am not super tech savvy by any means.


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    ADR Definition: Advance Diagnostic and Repair this is where Agents perform tests on your computer Check the Hard Drive, Motherboard, Processors, RAM, Etc. to make sure that they are all running OK and not the root of the problem. If all of these tests pass then Geek Squad continues to test the software (Operating System) on you computer. Often Agents will find Viruses, Group Policy issues, and holes in your OS that require repair. When you perform a system restore this really only fixes any changes in the registry. However when you perform an operating system restore this erases all the data, pictures, programs, etc. from your computer and as far as software goes your OS will be like new. You may back up the data yourself however, if the original reason why an ADR was recommended was a virus issue it is possible that you will back up the virus with the files at the same time. Geek Squad does not back up any viruses with their data back ups. Agents will not immediately jump to the conclusion of an OS restore. First they will attempt to remove all the viruses, restore drivers, and fix group policies.

    Reasons why your computer could be running slow:

    Hardware: Bad Hard Drive, RAM, Processor or Motherboard. The last 2 are more expensive and difficult to fix. If this is the case I recommend a new computer/ getting it fixed under a GS Black Tie Protection (up to 3 years only includes Software fixes if Premium or Vispy) / Manufactures Warranty (1 year Hardware only). If it is a Bad HDD you need to get a new one and run the Operating System Disc's, or if its the ram buy some more and upgrade the amount you have for faster computer speeds.

    Software: Viruses/ corrupted Operating System, or a Fragmented HDD. Quickest Easiest Fix for viruses and a corrupted OS is an OS restore. To start OS restore in HP hit Esc while it is booting and follow instructions from there. Make sure all the drivers (software that makes your computer work with hardware) have been installed properly or else your computer will not function properly. For a fragmented HDD in the start search bar type disc defragmenter and run.

    I hope this helps I know it was long,

    Source(s): I am a Geek Squad Agent
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    No no no. You do that and the computer will go back to the way it was when you bought it. Think on that a second.

    All your windows updates, software updates, software purchased, driver updates and so much more critical stuff will be gone. Your system has grown with the net as it should and to take it back that far could be a nightmare.

    System restore will not clean out your system but a good free cleaning tools can do a fine job. If your system is slow it has many unneeded background processes running from things you downloaded over the years.

    Just get Glary Utilities free and AdAware free run them both then use the Glary modules to stop background stuff you don't need. Glary will help you know what goes and what stays. Go to your browser open it and go to tools and manage your add ons closing down any crap. Switch to Firefox to avoid many add on issues.

    Take a few hours and clean the system now or get somebody to do it. Its not a good idea to take your computer back in time years. You will only have to re download all those updates and drivers. You need to develop these cleaning habits as part of using your system or it will happen over and over. You have one big clean now and then once a week spend a few minutes so it wont build up again. this is how its done. The tools are free and it will run new again without stripping it of all its critical updates.

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    >>I could ought to pay $199 + tax Pardon me even as I chortle. That must purchase you approximately two.five hours of bench time at a nearby impartial save. Most of those areas additionally best cost thirty or 40 greenbacks for a diagnostic, which they credit score in the direction of bench time. Ask your peers wherein they get their PCs checked out, and decide upon someone who is aware of approximately computer systems and surely cares approximately them. Angies record is well, too, for those who or a pal are participants. I bet I did not cope with the Geek Squad and Firedog very intently seeing that I'm virtually surprised I ought to. I had one run in with the Geek Squad, over a computer that wanted guarantee fix, and needed to suggest them on find out how to troubleshoot so that they might confirm the failure and order the side... they did not know the way to do their process. But, such a lot of my animosity stems from not ever listening to a well phrase approximately both, but listening to numerous bad reports approximately outrageous costs and worker lack of understanding. It's be like taking your vehicle into Aamco!

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    A system restore using the recovery discs is the most extreme action here. It will erase everything on your computer and make it like it was when it came out of the box. I don't know what else you would want to do beyond that.

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