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What is the roll of the ten temporary states on the United Nation Security Council?

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    It is true that any of the permanent members of the Security Council can in effect veto a resolution by voting "no". This was a sensible arrangement, since the five countries concerned had been the major participants in the Second World War, and it was a way of preventing any two of them getting a UN mandate to return to war.

    But the UN has moved some way to limiting that right. First, it was agreed that an abstention would not count as a veto (even though the Charter requires the five "affirmative votes of the permanent members", and under the now quite ancient "Uniting for Peace" resolution, questions can be sent to the General Assembly for a decision if a Security Council proposal has been vetoed, an act which you will not find permitted by the Charter.

    Note that the Security Council's role is quite limited: to questions on matters which are a "threat to the peace" or there has been a "breach of the peace".

    The non-permanent members have the same voting rights (but no veto) as the permanent members, and can easily outvote the permanent members on a matter which is not "a threat to the peace", since there is then no veto.

    Source(s): Read the United Nations Charter. It's not long, and covers everything.
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    They get to vote on security council resolutions. Each permanent member can still veto anything, but if enough of the rotating members vote against something, even a unanimous bloc of permanent members can't pass the resolution.

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