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GIRL BABY NAMES :unique girl baby names?

My cousin is having a baby girl soon and im trying to help her think of good names. She doesnt want a common name though. So nothing like samantha or something often heard.

Names she likes just so you get a feel: scarlet, ahora(sleeping beautys real name),and lacey i think...but thats it help!!!

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    10 years ago
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    This is the names that caught my eye on Y!A. There are quite a few unusual names in here.

    Arabella, Arielle, Aurora, Angelina, Aaliyah, Addison, Ashton, Alana, Aisha, Aria, Alexandra, Ami, Amisha, Anika, Anisa, Antonia, Anya, Ariana, Ashanti, Ashlyn, Aubrey, August, Anastasia, Alexiana, Allisah, Ananiah, Alma, Ashira, Anneliese, Azaliah, Alessia, Abbey-Lynne, Alicia Chase

    Bella, Belicia, Byrdie

    Caelan, Charlotte, Charlene, Charlise/Charlisa, Cyan, Catherine, Cherise, Clarissa, Collette, Cosette, Constance, Corrina, Carmen, Camille, Chalise, Callista

    Delayna, Dove

    Elianah, Elise, Eva, Ebony, Eve, Elaina, Elysium, Elisah, Elisheba, Eden, Evelyn

    Farrah, Felicia, Fiona, Fern

    Gwyneth, Gabriella, Gianna, Gloria, Grace

    Hallie, Hailey, Haven, Hope, Harper


    Jolene, Jasmine, Jenna, Justine

    Kalena, Kylie, Kyrie, Kylah, Kyrian, Kiannah, Katrina, Kailani, Kaolin, Kaitlin, Karena, Kiersten,

    Lilian, Lily, Lydia, Leandra, Lana, Larissa, Lara, Leilani, Lilah

    Mariska, Meredith, Maxis, Maxine, Madelyn, Madison, Makayla, Meriwether, Milena, Miranda, Meadow, Melinda, Melissa, Melanie, Mercedes, Marceline

    Nicole, Nika, Niko, Nikita, Neve, Natasha, Natalie, Natalya, Nadine, Nadia, Nightingale

    Olivia, October, Oleander, Penny

    Rosalie, Rosabella, Rose, Riona

    Sienna, Sierra, Sahara, Serena, Sadie, Sonia, Selena, Selene, Simone, Samara, Sabrina, Sandra, Serenity, Shaniah, Sheena, Sheree, Shira, Sophia, Sian, Saisha, Shalisa, Sheba, Selah, Sherah, Sheila, Sasha

    Trinity, Thalia, Taliyah, Talisha

    Verity, Vashti, Vivian

    Winter, Wednesday, Willow

    Zahara, Zeva, Zena

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  • 5 years ago




    Bryn or Brynne








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  • Susan
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    Double Names aren't too common :) Anna-Claire Anna-Beth Mary-Claire Lily-Claire Ann-Marie Claire-Marie You could come up with some if you want to those are just some examples. Some other unique names are... Noel Adair Abalene (A-BA-LEAN) Adrian Amber Scarlett Skylar Ronnie Peyton Presley Marlee Tinley (TIN-LEE) Kaylene Annabelle Lillian Selene Kennedy Blair Hayden Adele Jasmine Matilda Violet Hermione Luna Elle Maximus Emerald Taylin (TAY-LYN) Jamie Eliza

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  • 10 years ago

    Athy Flow Angela Baylin Cathy Allenana All-e-anna

    or..... Ellyine pronounced Ell-e-in Scarlet Lacey ginger

    I like ellyine

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  • 10 years ago

    Please talk her out of Ahora...not only do i think it is horrible, think of the boys at school, the names it can be shortened too and nickname. A-whore or a-horror is a potential for that name.

    Scarlet is quite common now, but is a lovely name as is Ruby

    I like Harper, millie, Amelie,Lexi for girls

    Lacey is very sweet for a little girl

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  • 10 years ago

    Addyson, Brooklynne, Caylee, Devon, Emma, Farrah, Giselle, Haylee, Isabelle, Jayden, Kara, Leah, Morgan, Noel, Opal, Payton, Rhiannon, Sydney, Trishelle, Uma, Veronica, sorry no W or X or Y, and Zoe.

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  • 10 years ago

    I really like the name Marley. Even though I use that name I think it's unique for anyone. To me it means mysterious and wise. And I really like the name Sky, but that may be a little common.

    Source(s): GOOD LUCK :)
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  • Rowan
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    10 years ago

    Nadia, Naomi, Erin, Colette, Clara

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  • 10 years ago

    if she likes unique, and ahora from sleeping beauty, i think you should suggest Aroha :) it means 'love' in maori (native language of new zealand), and is much more feminine. its pronounced sort of like ahh-roh-haah (or like aloha but with an r, though the emphasis is more on the A and the HA, rather than being on the LO in aloha)

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  • 6 years ago

    My baby girls name is nevaeh! It is Heaven spelt backwards and my sons name is Eduardo :-) xxi

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