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How come the French have never had a military victory ever?

Except for:

Battle of Valmy (1792)

Battle of Fleurus (1794)

Battle of Lodi (1796)

Battle of Castiglione (1796)

Battle of the Bridge of Arcole (1796)

Battle of Diersheim (1797)

Battle of Rivoli (1797)

Battle of the Pyramids (1798)

Battle of Mount Tabor (1799)

Battle of Abukir (1799)

Second Battle of Zurich (1799)

Battle of Marengo (1800)

Battle of Hohenlinden (1800)

Battle of Austerlitz (1805)

Battle of Jena (1806)

Battle of Jena-Auerstedt (1806)

Battle of Friedland (1807)

Battle of Tudela (1808)

Battle of Ucles (1809)

Battle of Ciudad-Real (1809)

Battle of Eckmuhl (1809)

Battle of Wagram (1809)

Battle of Medellin (1809)

Battle of Ocana (1809)

Battle of Smolensk (1812)

Battle of Borodino (1812)

Battle of Dresden (1813)

Battle of Lutzen (1813)

Battle of Vauchamps (1814)

Battle of Ligny (1815)

Battle of Trocadero (1823)

Battle of Navarino (1827)

Invasion of Algeria (1830)

Battle of Balaclava (1854)

Battle of Malakoff (1855)

Battle of Solferino (1859)

Battle of Foochow (1884)

First Battle of the Marne (1914)

Togoland (1914)

Battle of Ypres (1914)

Battle of Verdun (1916)

Battle of Vimy Ridge (1917)

Second Battle of the Marne (1918)

Battle of Belleau Wood (1918)

Battle of Chateau-Thierry (1918)

Battle of Amiens (1918)

Battle of Maysalun (1922)

How many single-handed military victories has America had? Revolutionar War, no, they received help from the French at the Battle of Yorktown? Civil War, yes, the North won. Spanish-American War, yes, they won that. WWI ---entered late, didn't win it singlehandedly. WWII ----entered two years after the start of the conflict and won as part of a coalition; Korea----led to a stalemate, fought by a coalition. Viet Nam ----withdrew in 1973, Saigon fell in 1975. Desert Storm I ----drove back Iraqi forces as part of a coalition, did not capture Saddam Hussein. Afghanistan and Iraq, still waiting for those ones to close.


And how is a "battle victory" not a military victory? Last time I checked, the military fight in battles also. It involves fighting, something the French have done a lot of, both winning and losing fights, like many major world powers. How did we leave Viet Nam intact, we were a seriously divided nation over that conflict and our military suffered an image problem afterwards? Let's see, wars, Revolutionary *War* where had French help with battles; War of 1812, we ended up with our White House torched; Spanish-American War, America versus an ailing, ex-colonialist power; WWI, yes, America gave much, but came in late after the French had given millions of lives; WWII, also, the free world owes a debt to America, but America didn't enter right away, and the Soviets and the Brits contributed an enormous amount. The point is that the French have fought, and the French have shed blood, and the French have won on several occasions.

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    Regretably your question is erroneous on numerous accounts, but no big deal I guess.

    Let's NEVER forget that France surrendered after suffering a humiliating defeat in 'Nam. The U.S. left with our dignity intact.

    I could go on detailing Frances losses and humiliations, but then I would have a list twice as long as yours.

    The answer: You provided it yourself. They had numerous "battle" victories, since 1792, just not many after 1938.

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  • Pfo
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    Interesting how you credit the French with victories in battles, and you discredit American participation in wars. Why not, to be fair, examine America's success in individual battles when you compare them to the French, at least this way you'll be measuring the same thing, and you'll find a better way to spend your time typing up the extensive list of battles we've won.

    You may want to get some coffee, it's going to be a late night for you.

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  • 1 decade ago

    This is a list of battles, not wars.

    Did you notice the wars you list the USA being involved in were listed as being part of a coalition? That would seem to go in the face of those who say the USA is always forcing it's will on other nations. If we did it all alone those arguments might stand. As it is, we did have other countries who felt the same way the USA did.

    I also noticed you did not list Gulf war II, where Saddam was caught, and eventually tried for crimes against humanity. He was later executed.

    Now your point is?

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  • John T
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    Well that looks rather lopsided, until you realize you listed French Battles as opposed to Wars which contain many battles.

    And without going through all of them, the Battle of Belleau Wood was won by the USMC, though there were probably some frogs around the place.

    The French have won a war though. ONE. The French Revolution was won by the French but they were fighting a rather wimpy enemy.

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    Americans have been too busy bailing out countries that surrendered to more powerful empires such as France's Vichy government to Hitler's Germany. Surely the French should remember the sounds of Nazi boots under the Arc de Triumphe. Hmmmm...then again it took the greatest military campaign in history, D-Day, to free up France so they could be defeated in Algeria and Indochina. How many American dead lie in French cemeteries as compared to the French who died for American causes since the revolution? If it weren't for America, France would still be in servitude to the Nazi empire in Europe. I suppose the US should apologize for Napolean's defeats in Russia and Waterloo, as well.

    Also, here's a memorable quote from US General George S. Patton, Jr.:

    "I'd rather have a German Division in front of me than a French one behind."

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  • 4 years ago

    A mustache makes a guy look greater mature. subsequently, when you consider that he's clearly no longer in common terms a new child, he ought to have journey and understand what he's speaking approximately. What a humorous tale, whats up? LOL!

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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    France lost ww2. why do you guys complain America entered WW1&2 late but then demand nonintervention in the middle east today? in gulf war the UN said we could not go into Iraq and/or remove Saddam.

    i don't really get what this rant is about other then the fact that french people are insecure about having small D*CKS.

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  • 1 decade ago

    If not for the Americans, the Axis would have won WW2. Nobody in their right mind would deny the merits of Napoleon and many other great French soldiers but your critique of Americans is just absurd.

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  • 1 decade ago

    hey hey whats this I never said they didn't

    and for the record we would destroy you in a battle any day of the week

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  • 1 decade ago

    Is there anything in the last 90 years or so?

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