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Should we create a national "Do Not Save" registry?

That way, Mormons, Jehovah Witness, and other groups can check the list before coming to my door or trying to convert me at work. You can say, "Um, no thanks, I'm already on Satan's list." (or something like that). It would save both parties a lot of time and energy. They can focus on the folks that are more likely to be saved and I can relax a little bit before my enduring my eternal torment in the burning fires of hell.

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    How about just putting up a sign saying you don't believe in science or God, have no interest in your soul and don't want solicitation?

    If you allow someone to come to your house you can't control their freedom to talk about what they want to talk about. All you can do is ask them to leave.

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    There's a home security company that, as part of it's contract, requires it's customers to have little signs in their front gardens advising that there is a security system fitted by that company, (cheap advertising, but a clever idea). Maybe something similar could be used by the Godless; a little cartoon Satan head, grinning, with a speech balloon "Conversion? No thanks".

    It would save so much time and effort.

    In fact, I might go and make one, later.


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    And will you stop the Girl Scouts from visiting your house to sell you cookies, too? Oh! And don't forget the salesmen that need money to take care of their families! Make sure they don't come on your property, either, as you don't want to be bothered. If you have an issue, go to the leaders in the area of each religion and tell them that you don't want it, you don't care, and leave it at that. Or put up a sign saying "No trespassing" and a fence to go with it. Just don't excpect the Girl Scouts to come anymore.

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    Put up a sign on your door that says "No solicitations." Then answer the door while holding a gun. Anyone too dense to take the hint from the sign should get the hint pretty quick...and never return.

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    But wouldn't they just take it as a quick way to check to see who still needs saving? Like how spammers tell you to reply to a certain address if you don't want to receive emails anymore, but when you send the email it really only lets them know that your email address is still in use.

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    Unwanted communication is already addressed in public laws.

    Hopefully we can avoid the degradation before it actually starts--persons are entitled to privacy.

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    Satan's list

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    Mormons, specifically, have promised to not posthumously baptize holocaust victims, then done it, then been caught, then said they wouldn't, then done it, then got caught, then said they wouldn't do it again, then got caught...

    Don't you think if you gave such people A LIST they would abuse it?

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    Omg you obviously are a socialist big government loving communistic pagan demon master chitty chitty bang bang.

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    I love this question so much.

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