Which college? Rice University v. Louisiana State University?

I am going to one of these three universities. I was accepted at all three. I have to choose by May 1.

Rice University

Baylor University

Louisiana State University

Rice is definitley the most prestigious of the three. However, Rice is very expensive. Should I choose LSU where I would pay almost nothing over prestige. I am not sure my major yet, but am leaning towards medicine or law (2 very different fields). Give me your input. Best answer will be given to the most thought out answer.

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    If money is your worry then you should go to LSU. Baylor and Rice are very expensive. Only the best of the best get into Rice however, and I can not recommend passing that up. It is top ranked nationally and would open a lot of doors for you.

    They don't currently have a law school or medical school, however. You would need to go elsewhere for that after you get your Bachelor's. Rice doesn't even actually have a pre-law major so you would just need to major in something else that is rigorous. They do have a nice pre-med program though.

    If you go to law school, then you could go to Baylor Law School. They hold the highest first-time BAR pass ratings in Texas..usually 95-100% each year.

    Or you could just skip the two schools and just go to Baylor University and still get a very good education. They have a loose affiliation with Baylor College of Medicine so maybe that could help if you choose to go the medical route.

    I would consider LSU to be the least prestigious of those. Personally I would only choose there if money was a serious issue. I imagine you'll get scholarships and grants though. More so if you are going into law or medicine you will be making a lot of money when you graduate so your college debt should not be as big of an issue.

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