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X-men movie series??????????????

ok im majorly confused right now i just watched X-men origins: wolverine....was there a movie before this or what... the movie was great i just wanna be able to know everything.


ok so magneto is a sequel to wolverine? lol

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    X-Men Origins: Wolverine is Wolverine's story about how he became Wolverine. It is set before all of the other films. It's a prequel, so no, there isn't a movie before it. It's his beginning.


    The way the films are meant to be ordered is:

    Wolverine, X-Men, X2, and X-Men the Last Stand. Even though Wolverine is the latest to be made. Wolverine is sort of a spin off that offers more information about Logan aka Wolverine. It gives insight into his past. As far as I know there isn't a movie in this franchise that is called Magneto, so no, Magneto is not a sequel. He is a character in the other films that appears later on.

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    X-men origins: wolverine (2009)> X men (2000)> X men 2 : United (2003)> X men 3: last stand (2006)

    wolverine was made to give a background infomation about "logan" which linked to the previous movies

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    not one of the above.... Frank Richards and Xavier's son, whose call escapes me at present, are tied. They both have rather an similar capacity, to regulate any measurement bodily with their recommendations. which ability each thing may be manipulated. He ought to replace a hill right into a bowl of ice cream, or a psionic blast right into a slurpie. it truly is rather truly recommendations boggling at how effective those 2 are. Xavier's son is the only which commence Age of Apocolypse. He ripped a hollow via area time to Xavier's and Erik's first strive against and accidently killed his father.

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