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Most powerful co2 powered bb gun PISTOL (metal bb's)? for under $80. (semi-auto)?

I want to bring lots of pain.

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  • C_F_45
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    10 years ago
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    Try the Crosman C11($35.99)


    480fps with 5.1gr BBs = 2.6ft-lbs of muzzle energy

    BB pistols have very little accuracy or power.

    About the only thing you could "bring lots of pain" to, would be a mouse at extremely close range.

    It takes 3.0ft-lbs "at impact", using hunting pellets, and a perfect head shot, to take even the smallest of small game(squirrel). Which was why I recommended a 5ft-lb+ pellet pistol and 9.2ft-lb rifle in response to your previous question.

  • Dona
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    4 years ago

    stopping power? you are talking about a bb gun. I wouldn't recommend anything smaller than a 38 special for self/home defense, and a freaking 22 would beat the crap out of a dang bb gun!!!! This is about as ridiculous as the idea that if you get a 12 gauge pump that you wont even need ammo because the sound of the slide alone will stop the bad guys. lol

  • matt m
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    10 years ago

    Are you controlling the population of anything larger than a badger? If not then don't worry about the "Biggest and Best". Most commercially available guns will do.

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