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How do I take care of a pet bunny, and how much will it cost me?

My friend has a bunny who's black and is a wild bunny. First, I'd like to know if I can get any wild bunnies in a pet store in California. Secondly, I know how much it will cost me to get a rabbit alone ($5-$100) but I don't know how much supplies will cost, check ups, cage size, litter type, or anything what so ever. What I basically need is a simple website with a guide on taking care of a bunny, and about how much everything is going to cost me. I'm also looking for tips because this is going to be my first pet.

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    First, please, please, please go to a shelter before even considering a pet store. Many shelters take in more than cats & dogs. If you can't find any rabbits at your local shelter, then go to a pet store that does not sell dogs or cats. I doubt you'd be able to find an undomesticated rabbit in a pet store. If that's really what you want, see if there's any wildlife rehabilitation centers or sanctuaries near you & see if they adopt out animals.

    I've had rabbits for many years. As far as cost, I probably spent maybe $10-$15 a month on average for two at a time for food, litter & treats, and I'm vegan, so my rabbits always got lots of table scraps...veggie & fruit peels, greens or fruit that's starting to go bad, fresh carrots, celery, & apples b/c they're so cheap, etc. A cage might cost you anywhere from $30-maybe $70-ish, depending on the size & quality you get. You'll want to get a litter box for inside the cage too, because rabbits are clean & don't want to poop in their living space. Look for one that is designed to fit in a corner and is taller on one end. That will keep from making a mess on your wall or whatever is nearby. You could get an extra litter box for outside the cage too, for when you let him/her run around. They can be litter trained. But you don't want to let them run around the house unsupervised...they love to chew on wires, carpet, furniture, etc. If you have a fenced in yard, it's nice to let them run around outside sometimes too and graze on the grass, dandelions, clover, etc. Or you can get a rabbit harness & a leash & take them for walks where they can graze if you don't have a yard, but just make sure they don't graze on land that is sprayed with pesticides.

    The best litter is the type that's made from recycled paper. Stay away from cedar & pine litter. The fumes from them can cause liver damage in rabbits. Food...I always bought the 25-50 pound bags of basic pellets from farm/feed stores & then bought the fancier gourmet type stuff & mixed it in. And then lots of kitchen scraps and hay and some store bought treats. Don't give them cabbage or rhubarb. Iceberg lettuce and cucumbers are okay in small amounts. Anything too watery can cause diarrhea which isn't as harmless for rabbits as it is for us. Most other vegetables & fruits are okay...just try out a bit of anything & see what your rabbit likes. They can be picky. I had one who loved watermelon rind, and one who wouldn't touch it. Things like root vegetables & crunchier stuff are good for their teeth.

    Um, I don't know what else to mention. :) Oh, try to look for a female. Males can be really stinky because of their spray. You'll have to clean their cage at least twice as often. As for websites, check out the House Rabbit Society. Their FAQ section is pretty good and probably mentions a lot of stuff that I'm not thinking of. :)

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  • 4 years ago

    I was at the pet store Pets Way and they were wanting $25 for one Pet Co can get pretty pricey because they have different breeds of bunny. Really it's better and a lot cheaper to get one from a farmer or someone who raises them . Good luck Hope my information was helpful.

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  • 10 years ago

    I cannot help you with costs and what supplies to use as i am in england, but please make sure that you worm your rabbit as stated, as this helps to prevent e coniculi which is a deadly disease in rabbits, in england you can buy what is called panicure from a reputable pet shop or from the vets.Rabbits love being handled and played with and need playthings, toys tubes etc, not only do they need fresh water and food daily but they also need fresh veg ( please check out a web site for rabbits as there are certain veg they cannot have ie lettuce.please research looking after your pet

    and you will have many years of happiness together

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  • J R
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    you can feed it grass rose.

    Source(s): hope this help you
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