Would you like to see Ralf Schumacher in NASCAR?


What team would he drive for? What would his ride look like?

Update 2:

Make, number, sponsor, and team. Example: Red & white Toyota, 02, Panasonic, and Joe Gibbs Racing. Just referring to his days with Toyota F1.

Update 3:

I like NASCAR better because it is exciting. I am just insisting them because the sport needs an international fan base.

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    Ralf ran the DTM series last year. I don't think he has a ride this year.

    He would be starting a new career at 35 years old, not impossible

    but a long shot to me. He did drive for Toyota for several seasons

    so there could be a connection there. I still don't see the possibility

    of a large International appeal for Nascar but that is only my opinion.

    I thought I had read that he turned down a couple of F1 rides this season.

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    See I don't agree here, I think NASCAR needs to stay American, it is uniquely American and that's what is great about it. Plus the guys in the F-1 section constantly talk down to the NASCAR fans and I don't think the Europeans would except NASCAR the way it is.

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    Why, he is passed his prime, and he was not that great of a driver anyway. He would not even do as good as Max Papis. As far as the international fan base we need some international young guns to come to Nascar.

    Go Dale Jr..Bring it on in 2010

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    No, we don't need any more F1 drivers. He wouldn't come anyway.

    Just curious, do you like F1 or NASCAR better? It seems like you ask a whole lot about our opinions on F1 drivers, and to be honest, most NASCAR fans don't follow F1.

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