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How much is it to repair a 1993 BMW 325i?

I'm trying to buy a 1993 BMW 325i. They said that the transmission might have to be replaced. Here's the story:

They were driving home from work and the car stopped accelerating. They can turn the car on, however the car doesn't move in drive or reverse. So they are guessing it's the transmission.

Can you give me the list of estimated prices for northern California?

- Price of Transmission replacement/repair

- Price of a new paint job

- Price for tune-up

- Price for oil change

- Price for car registration at the DMV

If you can get the list of prices, it would surely help me on deciding on my purchase of the car. Thanks for your help!

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  • 1 decade ago
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    Price of tranny rebuild - $2500

    New paint job (average quality) - $1000

    Tune up - $300-500

    Oil change (synthetic Mobil 1) - $60

    Registration - depends on price of the car...i bought mine for 2500 and paid about 120 bucks to register

    Brakes (pads and rotors) - 200-300

    If your going to replace or rebuild the tranny you might as well put in a 5 speed manual tranny...HUGE difference in performance and will cost you about the same price. Overall great car, i love mine

    Source(s): Owner of a 1993 325i 157k miles and still going strong
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  • 4 years ago

    All deals are off on a car this age. In 2005, I bought a 1993 325i (old body style) my college professor. The exhaust system was shot and it needed an axel. The repairs cost me $950.00 Since that time, tires, a new top, routine tune ups, and oil changes are all I have done to this car. I drive the car everyday. The car now has 271,700 miles on it. My college professor (I now work at the same college) is on her third BMW since selling the car to me. All of them have had computer or some other electrical problems. What I am saying is, sometimes taking extra care will not mean the car will be around a long time.

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  • 3 years ago

    1993 Bmw 325i Transmission

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  • 1 decade ago

    Lots and lots of money. And expect the bills to keep coming. I drive a '98 528i with 131,000km on it, was absolutely babied and hardly ever driven for the first 7 years of existence, and it seems that something goes wrong with the car every month or so.

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  • 1 decade ago

    buy a different car altogether your looking at a few grand easy and im sure the car isnt even worth that. dont bother

    Source(s): bmw owner 1999 528i
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