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What are kids interested in nowadays?

Hello, I am a 33 year old man, and I am looking into finding a wife to bear my children and/or adopt a child. I am currently single, and have been in prison once for Grand Theft Auto 3. I was wondering what children between the ages of 5-9 are interested in nowadays, as I wish to be prepared for the parenting world. This may sound strange to you, but I attended some classes that said that to understand a child, you must take such measures. So, Yahoo, what exactly attracts the children? What makes them curious, and what makes them want? Thanks in advance for your answers, am sure you will deliver, as usual.

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    candy, ice cream, toys, scooters, movies, disney channel, brightly colored objocts (especially crazy colored school supplies) binkies and fake babies, Dinner in front of the TV ect. Use your immagination go to toys r us. Anything there would attract a 5-7 year old :P

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    kids like anything that sparks their curiosity, their senses, and their emotions. they like being active for the most part, and video games, trips, food, reading, pretend games, drawing, movies, some like music, sports... i dont think that will ever change, and it really depends on the specific child and their interests.. its cool that you're interested but are you finding a woman just to have children? why dont you just adopt? or forget about children for now-- you still have ages. (and im sure a woman would me more attracted to a man who adopted then a man who wanted her so he could have kids as soon as possible :p) good luck

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    Well... these are all girl stuff

    5: barbies, polly pockets, stuffies,webkinz

    6: same as five

    7: yo-yos, pretty clothing, necklaces, bracelets

    8: accesories, clothing, sparkly gel pens

    9: clothing, pretty bedding things, lululemon sweaters($100)

    When I was a kid, the thing i wanted most was a grand piano. But kids are all different. Some like blue, some like pink, but good luck!!

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    Hi Troll. Kids like candy, you should definitely get some candy to carry around in your black van.

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    well, first of all no one says nowadays

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