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Help with geometry please?

Please help and explain. I don't understand. It has to do with arcs.

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  • 1 decade ago
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    a> you know m. arc CE is 121 and the m. arc DC is 59 so you find m. arc DE by 59 from 121

    ---------the answer is 62 deg.

    b> since AD is the diameter, it cuts the top part of the circle into 180 deg. (a semi-circle)

    you found that m. arc DE is 69 so you find AE by subtracting 69 from 180

    --------------answer: 111

    c> to find the m. of major arc AEC, you need to know the m. of the [minor] arcs CD, DE, and AE and add them.

    59+62+111= 232<--------answer

    f> to find the m. of major arc BDC you need to know the m. of all the arcs from B to C going counterclockwise.


    g>for the last one, since that major arc includes everything except arc AB, you subtract 36 from 360(the measure of a full circle).

    answer--------324 deg.

    Source(s): i just learned about arcs last month
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