a question for UNC Chapel Hill students!!?

I am an international student and admitted for class of 2014.

I wonder when should I arrive at campus.

When is the right time to be at campus, so that I don't miss orientation and stuff like that?

Could you link me a webpage that has information about it?

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    Try this website http://nscpp.unc.edu/ Its for first year and transfer students. As for orientation, you have to register for a specific date. Orientation lasts for a couple of days, you'll learn about the campus and register for classes.

    There is a period from August 19-20 reserved for international students, which would be best for you. Classes begin either August 24th or 25th, and since the earlier orientation dates are in June and July it would be problematic for you. This page lists all of the available dates for the 2010 summer orientation program: http://nscpp.unc.edu/first-year-students/orientati...

    If you have any trouble with anything you can go to UNC's homepage at http://www.unc.edu/ and search there.

    Good luck with everything and congratulations on getting into this awesome school! Can't wait to have you here next year!

    Source(s): Current student at UNC
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