What does the RCC promote to counter the existence of evil in the world?

How is a RCC christian supposed to respond to deviant behavior that violates one of God's children through manipulation of Just forums?

How do the RCC church and the Cardinals promote and sustain Social Justice?

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    You're kidding, right?

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    Bishop blames abuse on children



    "Outrage has broken out throughout Spain over comments made by the Bishop of Tenerife, Bernardo Alvarez, to his parishioners on Christmas Eve, in an interview given to the 'La Opinion de Tenerife' local newspaper.

    "He claimed that there are youngsters who want to be abused, and said that on occasions the abuse happens because there are children who consent to it. He stated, 'There are 13-year-old adolescents, who are underage and are perfectly in agreement, what's more, they want it and if you are careless they will even provoke you'."

    * * *

    Former Vatican Officials Reveal Pope's Guilt



    "Cardinal Ratzinger reinforced the strict cover-up policy by introducing a new principle: that the Vatican must have what it calls Exclusive Competence. In other words, he commanded that all child abuse allegations should be dealt with direct by Rome."

    * * *

    The Pope Ignored Child Rape. THE POPE



    "Ratzinger never responded to the Wisconsin dioceses, and instead after 8 months his second-in-command asked them to begin a trial, which he then halted after receiving a whiney letter from poor Father Murphy. Did Murphy ask the trial not to go forward because he was innocent? No! Of course not! He didn’t need a trial because he had already repented.

    "Oh, okay then. Go on and rape some more kids and repent again. No worries!"

    * * *

    Catholics Still Determined to Conceal Clergy Abuse



    "In the last year alone, it seems like there has been one Catholic abuse scandal after another. As bad as they are, I keep coming back to the common thread which ties them all together: systematic efforts by the Church to prevent disclosure, conceal the harsh realities, and protect known pedophiles. Essentially, everyone but them is responsible."

    * * *

    Irish Catholic Church Admits Sex Abuse Cover Up, Apologizes



    "According to 'The Report of the Commission of Investigation into the Catholic Archdiocese of Dublin,' covering the years 1975 through 2004, children have been victims of sexual abuse for decades and Catholic leaders engaged in systematic efforts to cover it up. Predatory, pedophile priests were helped to evade any sort of legal responsibility for what they did, in part by moving them around to different parishes which helped them keep abusing new children."

    * * *

    The New York Catholic Conference's Aggressive Bid to Stop Reform of Child Sex Abuse Laws



    "Last fall [2008], as the New York Post has reported, Brooklyn Bishop Nicholas DiMarzio personally threatened legislators that he would close parishes and schools in their district if they voted in favor of the CVA [Child Victims Act] – in other words, if they simply took the side of child sex abuse victims on a statute of limitations bill that would publicly identify child perpetrators."

    * * *

    Pope Implicated Directly in Priest Sex Abuse



    "He [Ratzinger] had already been more than seriously implicated in the scandal of abuse by his more impersonal decisions. As Cardinal, it was Ratzinger who ordered all of the bishops and priests not to turn over any abusive priest to the police but to handle the situation internally. He was the one who brought Cardinal Law, a man responsible for covering up hundreds of cases of sex abuse by priests in Boston, to Rome to serve as one of his closest advisers. But this is the first time he was found to be personally involved in doing the thing that stains the church forever, moving a priest to another parish after raping a child rather than turning him over to the police to be tried and imprisoned."

    * * *

    Pope Enabled Molestation of 200 Deaf Boys



    "A priest molested 200 deaf boys and was ignored by Ratzinger. 200 deaf boys. Just when I think this sick enterprise cannot possibly get any worse, we learn not only that this happened but that the victims have spent 30 years of their lives trying to get the church to pay attention to them!

    "Then Cardinal Ratzinger was informed about this abuse and chose to look the other way. How can anyone reconcile this with the whole infallibility thing?"

    * * *

    The Pope, the Prophet, and the religious support for evil


    "This enforced 'respect' is a creeping vine. It soon extends beyond religious ideas to religious institutions – even when they commit the worst crimes imaginable. It is now an indisputable fact that the Catholic Church systematically covered up the rape of children across the globe, and knowingly, consciously put paedophiles in charge of more kids. Joseph Ratzinger – who claims to be 'infallible' – was at the heart of this policy for decades.

    "Here's what we are sure of. By 1962, it was becoming clear to the Vatican that a significant number of its priests were raping children. Rather than root it out, they issued a secret order called 'Crimen Sollicitationis'' ordering bishops to swear the victims to secrecy and move the offending priest on to another parish. This of course meant they raped more children there, and on and on, in parish after parish. Yes, these were different times, but the Vatican knew then that what it was doing was terribly wrong: that's why it was done in the utmost secrecy.

    "It has emerged this week that when Ratzinger was Archbishop of Munich in the 1980s, one of his paedophile priests was 'reassigned' in this way. He claims he didn't know. Yet a few years later he was put in charge of the Vatican's response to this kind of abuse and demanded every case had to be referred directly to him for 20 years. What happened on his watch, with every case going to his desk? Precisely this pattern, again and again. The BBC's Panorama studied one of many such cases. Father Tarcisio Spricigo was first accused of child abuse in 1991, in Brazil. He was moved by the Vatican four times, wrecking the lives of children at every stop. He was only caught in 2005 by the police, before he could be moved on once more. He had written in his diary about the kind of victims he sought: 'Age: 7, 8, 9, 10. Social condition: Poor. Family condition: preferably a son without a father. How to attract them: guitar lessons, choir, altar boy.' It happened all over the world, wherever the Catholic Church had outposts."

    * * *

    Priest accused of US abuse still working in India



    "Top officials at the Vatican were warned more than four years ago about a Catholic priest later charged with sexually assaulting a 14-year-old girl in Minnesota, according to newly released Vatican correspondence, but to this day he continues to work in his home diocese in India."

    * * *

    Catholic Church Sexual Abuse (links to articles)



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