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Where to find Neat Idea Cubes (NIC) in Abu Dhabi?

I was searching on the net for the proper caging requirement for an indoor bunny and I really liked the idea of building my own using those 14'x14' grids called NIC cubes. But I couldn't find any place in Abu Dhabi that sells them or any thing similar (I checked in Ikea, Home Center, Ace hardware and Carrefour)!

Does any one knows where can I find such cubes in Abu Dhabi? if not is there an online site that can deliver to UAE with low delivery charges?

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  • 1 decade ago
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    You've scavenged all the popular shops! There are two major auction websites in the UAE, which are:

    However, I do recommend you look through eBay (I just did a search and found nothing). You could always ask a friend to send it to you in the UAE.

    International shipping charges are generally $15-$35 for a USPS 4-7 day shipping to the United Arab Emirates. Do remember your postal code (zip code) is your address, as they do not deliver to addresses here except by EMS Empost Service, Fedex, UPS, DHL TNT or Aramex.

    For your bunny age, I do recommend you look at pet shops as some have pretty good cages. There are quite a few shops in Abu Dhabi:

    A) Petz at Grand Al Mariah (Recommended)

    B) 2 Random Shops behind Choithram Khalidiyah (Recommended)

    C) Random Pet Shop on Khalifa Street, Behind Subway and Opposite of Al Noor Hospital / Co-Op

    D) Random Pet Shops in Mina Area (Take a right after the traffic light, don't go under the tunnel, go as if you are going to the Yas/Saadiyat Bridge)

    The pet shops might sell your NIC cubes, not quite sure. I do know that many of them sell ready-made cages. I recommend you just buy your cage locally or buy a ready-made bunny cage. Finding the item (asking a friend) then packing it up and shipping it will take a lot of time and money. Otherwise, good luck!

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