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my turtle wont come out of its shell?

i just got 2 baby turtles today and they were in a little tank. i took them out and put them in a medium sized plastic box for the time being.. i put a flat rock in the middle and filled it with about 4 inches of warm water. 1 of them does not move at all and keeps its hands and feet in the shell and its head is barely out of the shell. the other one barely moves around. my cousin got 2 baby turtles today and he still didnt take them out of their small tank and they dont stop moving around. is something wrong with my turtles?

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    Give them a week or two in a proper tank and they should be moving and eating properly.

  • 3 years ago

    nicely Steve, it is beneficial to earnings the thank you to start liking worms. Turtles that lived interior the wild generally won't consume turtle nutrition - and that they easily won't like human beings nutrition. you would be terrific off liberating those turtles in a pond.

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