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how to overcome fear of animals/dogs?

yes i am really scared of animals. i dont know why. ive just been terrified of animals since i was a kid, especially dogs. whenever i go to my friends house and they have a pet, they have to keep in another locked room and even then i am scared. my heart beats really fast and i can feel it pounding, my face gets red, and i become really paranoid.

i love to run but lately i encounter more stray dogs/dogs without a leash. sometimes they might have an electric fence but im not taking that chance. most times the dog is on the street so i know there is no fence. three weeks ago, a dog actually chased me and that was probably the fastest i ever ran. thank God i do track. but i dont want that to happen again.

just today when i was running, i encountered two stray dogs and so i had to take a detour thus making me run an extra hour (i thought my body was going to collapse! my feet are throbbing as of now). how should i act around dogs? what should i do? please help! (:

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    The best way to overcome a fear is to go against it. The next time you go to your friends, try petting the dog, most dogs are friendly and won't hurt you. Even if they are chasing you it doesn't mean they will hurt you, just stop, let the dog smell your hand, and sure enough they will stop chasing you. Also a lot of animals sense fear so if you are scared they will sense that which may even cause the chasing lol.

    Good luck. :)

  • Okay, lots of people are afraid of dogs. Heres some ways that help ppl get over that fear:

    Do you know anyone with a puppy or small dog? I would suggest going there, or to a pound/pet store, and slowly interacting with some small dogs first. When you first meet the dog you should make a fist and let the dog sniff the back of your palm. Oh, and move slowly, most of the time jerky movements will startle dogs. After the dog has sniffed you just slowly move your hand and pet its back. The dog will probably like this very much. (:

    I would keep doing that every so often until you get more used to them, it will probably help.

    But if the dog shows its teeth, growls, or raises its hair on its back at you that is not a good sign. Just slowly move away from the dog. If the dog chases you then you better run. Just remember if a dog does that it is most likely protecting something.

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    You have a deep seeded phobia. I would suggest a good therapist. Some people are afraid of dogs because they were bitten or chased as a kid and the suggestions you have gotten might work for them. Yours sounds like it may take some professional help rather than a bunch of dog lovers on YA.

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    One thing that really works is contact an obedience trainer and ask if you can observe the class.

    It helps you to see that the dogs are well behaved and most trainers are very willing to teach you how to approach dogs. My dogs are trained to work with people that are afraid of dogs and many obedience classes will know of therapy dogs like mine.

    It is great that you want to conquer your fear, it will open a whole new world for you.

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    You need to act, around all dogs, as if you're the alpha. Don't be scared, and simply ASSUME that they won't hurt you.

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