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What's your idea of the perfect date-night movie?


Well excuse me, grammar police. Let me rephrase that, what's your idea of A perfect date-night movie?

Update 2:

lol @ Cocoa and King Khameleon getting their chop on…

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    Hi, GiG, always love your questions. And to the Grammar Police: Lay off her. I'm an English major and even I wasn't picky enough to catch the fact that she used "the" instead of "a." You people are really something.

    Anyway, I've got a few movies that I think would be quite fitting:

    1. "The Perfect Holiday" with Gabrielle Union, Jill Marie Jones, Mona Thorne, Queen Latifah and Morris Chestnut.

    2. "The Truth About Cats and Dogs" with Uma Thurman and Janeane Garofalo

    3. "Ella Enchanted" with Anne Hathaway

    4. "Enchanted"

    5. "My Best Friend's Wedding" with Julia Roberts

    6. "Pretty Woman" with Julia Roberts

    7. "The Preacher's Wife" with Denzel Washington and Whitney Houston

    8. "How Stella Got Her Groove Back" with Angela Bassett, Taye Diggs, Regina King and Whoopi Goldberg

    9. "Not Easily Broken" with Taraji P. Henson and Morris Chestnut

    10. "The Family Man" with Nicholas Cage, Tea Leoni and Don Cheadle

    11. "Penelope" with Christina Ricci

    12. "Breakin' All the Rules with Gabrielle Union and Jamie Foxx

    13. "The Nutty Professor II" with Janet Jackson and Eddie Murphy

    14. "A Walk to Remember" with Mandy Moore

    15. "The Princess Bride"

    16. "The Seat Filler" with Duane Martin and Kelly Rowland (made by Will & Jada Pinkett Smith)

    17. "Hitch" with Will Smith, Kevin James and Eva Mendez

    Most experts and surveys agree that comedy makes the best date movies. I like all types of movies and I'm pretty flexible so whatever type of movie she is interested in watching, I'm down to learn a thing or two.

    Edit: Whoa, Cocoa Butter, you love action movies? I love them too. A girl after my own heart. Too bad you're taken, lol. Lucky guy.

    Edit: Mr. Dance Moves, love those movies too. Too bad about the girl. She missed out on you. There are a lot of girls who like action movies. Remember, Jay-Z found a girl who shares his love for basketball (Beyonce), so don't lose hope.

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    My perfect date would be getting some drinks and some snacks to bring to the beach while walk along the shoreline, chatting away. Then, right after the sun sets and the sky is pink, orange, and blue, we would kiss each other until the moon rose high above us.

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    lol. I have to admit, I did not get the Q at first. so I skipped it. (muah! still love ya. )

    I think anything with some excitement and action.

    That way, he is in tune and so am I. It's neutral- not too sappy (how I like it) and not to gorey (like men like)

    So my vote would be something like Avatar- Clash of the Titans- or 2012. (esp; considering the 3D is interesting to both us too- so it works. )

    LOL@ dance "leaned over for a kiss and got denied." hahaha! you really dont mind putting it out there.

    @ Khameleon...not taken yet. :)

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    My last movie date sucked, real bad. Went with a girl who said to see some denzel movie about the bible and then the action was terrible and she just was so tense. It was terrible, and the whole way it ended was terrible too. Lean over over for a kiss and got denied. So needless to say, im not too fond of going over to movies.

    And to be honest, i like action movies.

    Kill Bill 1 2

    Final Destination 1 2 3

    and Jason Bourne 1 2 3

    those are my kind of movies. I like some azz kicking in my movies.

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    Really, it could be anything. Either something we can discuss when it's over, or just something we both enjoy.

    As long as both people are genuinely interested in watching the film.

    I've been in MANY situations where one of us was forced by the other to watch a certain movie, and it's always pretty unenjoyable.

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    Something my woman wants to see. It's only perfect for me if I can ensure you are enjoying yourself. I like action movies but a lot of women like drama. I can live with a drama flick and we can make the action happen.

    Edit: OK now I get it. You want actual titles. How about:

    On video

    The Great Debaters


    Little Man

    In Theatres

    Valentines Day

    Date Night (of course)

    Karate Kid (Action. I know but I gotta see Will Smith's son and Jackie Chan do this)

    Have fun!

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    Your idea is the issue, the perfect date-night movie is not the issue

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    Ya people are mean whe nit comes to grammer on Yahoo. i like 50 first dates

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    Me, her, a couple of netflix movies, popcorn, ice cream and a warm blanket to snuggle

  • anything that causes the other person i'm with to make contact! hehe a sob story or a scary movie.

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