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Trade offer: Albert Pujols for Justin Morneau, Roy Oswalt, and Brandon Webb?

I have Fielder and Cuddyer already and Pujols would make a nice addition but am I giving up too much?

My other starters are: Halladay, Greinke, Sabathia, Jered Weaver, Wolf, and Rick Porcello.

Also still available is J.A. Happ, Phil Hughs, and Joel Pinero.

Reason for offer is he wants some starting pitching: Haren, Yovanni Gallardo, Dempster, Nolasco, Javier Vazquez, and Gavin Floyd. Also has @ 1B Cabrera, Morales, Gonzalez, and Loney.

Any input will be helpful. Thank you

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    With the pitchers you have and with who you would be giving up I would make that trade. Webb won't be back for a month at the earliest and who knows what he is going to be like when he gets back....Oswalt is just not the same pitcher he was 3 years ago. I've always been told that most of the time the object of trading is to get the best player in the deal and not only would you be getting the best player in the deal you would be getting the best player in Fantasy.

    Oh, as a side note I would also pick up Happ and take a chance on him.

    Good Luck!

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    I'd make that deal if I were you. You'd end up with the two best 1B as far as stats go and you are only giving up one SP. Webb may or may not return to form. That is a gamble. Cuddyer will give you great stats as an OF. Make the deal. Your power numbers could be huge. Is this a 12 team league? Don't gamble too much on Hughes.

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    Your pitching is already dirty enough as it is. You will NOT miss Oswalt or Webb. Do this deal and try to pick up a nice value pitcher.

    Are Brett Anderson, Bronson Arroyo, Shaun Marcum, Mat Latos or Ben Sheets available? Any of them (other than Latos, he's a maybe) will certainly put up better numbers than Happ or Pinero.

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    circulate with Morneau. human beings would pronounce the "Pujols" on the lower back of your jersey and supply you a foul nickname for it, enormously in intense college. the two are super gamers, yet Morneau is a secure guess. i'd circulate with the Twins highway jersey.

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    Yes! Go for this trade. Your pitching staff is pretty sick. You won't be hurting. "The Machine" will definitely improve your team.

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    yea you would be stupid not to take that

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