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British eventing classes?

Can someone give me a really full list of all the classes that BE run (or a link to a website that will, i looked on the be website but couldn't find it?) and jump heights that go with the classes, and like rules for under 16s? Like if you want to compete Novice or Prenovice, do you have to qualify by doing a certain number of intros first?

This is what I already know:

Intro: 95cm sj, 90cm xc

Prenovice: 1.05m sj, 1m xc

Novice: 1.10 sj? 1.05 xc?

Whats with all the combinations like JRN/JON/etc?

is the height right?

Then intermediate & advanced 15 and haven't competed with british eventing before, so i would probably start with intro anyway, but do i have to get placed or complete a certain amount before i can go prenovice, and the same with novice?

also just curious, with the higher levels of competition, whats the difference between CIC and CCI formats?


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    The website of the governing body of Horse Trials in the UK has all the information you need.

    If you are a Pony Club member your branch Horse Trials trainer or your DC will help you work out where to begin. There are many rules, which are almost entirely for the safety of you, your horse, and spectators and helpers. Eventing is potentially dangerous, as are many other sports, and it is a sensible requirement that you prove you and your horse are safe competing around lower, less technical courses before you are allowed to move to bigger ones. Junior Open Novice (JON) and Junior Regional Novice (JRN) are not where you would start, you need to complete courses at BE90 (Intro) and then BE100 (Pre-Novice) before attempting Novice courses, which ask far more questions, and not only in terms of height.

    You can buy a Day Ticket rather than becoming a member straight away. Your horse will also need a Day Ticket if it is not registered with British Eventing. The full entry fee still has to be paid, whether you have annual membership or a Day Ticket. Your first year's membership is eligible for a discount if you are a paid-up member of Pony Club or an affiliated Riding Club.

    It's expensive - you are looking at up to around £100 in fees for a day of competition, and if you are eliminated in the dressage or show jumping you cannot go on to ride in the next phase. You need to be pretty sure of your competence and your horse needs to be fit and obedient.

    The British Eventing office staff are extremely helpful and anything you can't find on the website can be answered with a quick phone call.

    Good luck!

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    Well, first of all you need to get the horse fit, gradually building up more work, on roads, on hills and over small fences, including gymnastic fences. Ride on the flat too. Entry forms should have the details of tests that are required. Since you are starting out it would be novice events and you can build up from there. Try to vary the work so that he does not get bored and sour with one thing over and over again and try not to ride the test in practice too often or he will start to ancitipate the moves and start cantering before you have asked for it, perhaps a bit earlier than you should and you will incurr penalties for this!

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