How do I get naked on imvu??????????????????????????...

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I was naked on imvu then i logged on a couple months later & I didn't have it anymore!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! How can I get it more
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there is an avatar body you can buy in the catalog you don't need an access pass(confirmed to be 18 or older) its called : nudeavi
but i cost 11633 credits

you must have gotten the transparent dress the first time. imvu staff caught it and deleted it taking it out of the inventory of all who bought it

this one i mentioned is the avatar body itself you can mask it over your regular clothes and when you take your clothes off instead of that little green shirt and shorts you are naked.

(if you really want it, it's double credit earning from Tuesday to Thursday do some of those offers) :P
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  • Kerrighan answered 4 years ago
    Hello, my name on is XxnuniexX well i would like to answer your question i am 13 its not really possible for you to be naked unless you bought something if u like me to earn u credits i will.
    my real email is thank u
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  • ***CHRIS*** answered 4 years ago
    You Can't It Is Just NOT Possible


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  • Tom answered 4 years ago
    That's a virus obviously, Who the hell would click on it?
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