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What products are available in Canada but not in the States?

I don't only mean candy or chocolate bars but like other products such as cereal and stuff like that.

What stuff can you buy in Canada, but not in the US?

Like, I've heard that in the States they don't have shreddies or smarties?


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    salt and vinegar chips

    kraft dinner

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    Oh, we have Smarties here.

    I don't know the answer to this completely. I know that we have a lot of the same things, they're just known by different names. I have no idea what shreddies are, but they sound like a cereal that we might have!

    Also, as you may know, we have some of the same things, but with different ingredients. For example, your ketchup is WAY BETTER than ours. Every time I go to Canada, I never leave without a bottle! I don't even like American ketchup. I think your pop tastes different too (better).

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    We've got smarties in the States, never heard of shreddies though. Also Aero bars are unique to Canada to my knowledge and if you've got anything made by the German company Kinder, you won't find that in the States either.

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    Milk in a bag (and from what I understand from American friends, people think its REALLY weird that our milk comes in plastic bags! hahaha)

    Hawkins Cheezies. I think they might just be an Ontario thing, and I'm not sure if you're from Ontario or not, but I have never encountered anything else like them.

    Maple Leaf cookies

    All-dressed or ketchup chips (my American friends also think both of these are weird, haha)

    Kraft peanut butter

    Black Diamond cheese

    I've also heard you can only get Kinder Surprise in Canada.

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    Molson Canadian

    Mint Aero Bars

    Kraft Dinner


    Tim Hortons (actually, they do have a couple down there, but mainly in the Buffalo area close to the boarder)

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    Kraft peanut butter, French-Canadian indie rock, Cuban holidays, Liberté dairy products. Spruce beer?

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    Heinz ketchup and Smarties.

    The smarties they have in the US are like our Rockets.

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    Topamax head ache medicine

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    Canadian Back Bacon,Labatts beer, (not the same as in U.S.), Gravenstein apples,true Maple Syrup,Montreal Smoke meat,.

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    Quality beer

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