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JJ asked in Family & RelationshipsWeddings · 10 years ago

Should we move the wedding date? Getting worried?

My partner and I are getting married in 166 days but we are still waiting for the visa to come through (he lives in Florida, I live in South Australia at the moment and the visa will allow him to live here). He wants to be here to plan the wedding (everything) and to propose in person which is why we aren't technically engaged. We have booked a celebrant and the photographer already (have to get in quick with those).

The problem is, by the time the FBI actually does a background check and then the visa to be processed there won't be much time to tell people we are getting married and we have people who will be traveling from about 5-8 hours and also overseas if they can. I've suggested moving the date (no one but us, my parents who I live with and grandma know although there is a rumour; my family gets like that) so that when my partner can finally come over people have time to organize off work and save up to come down for the wedding as family is very important to me.

Should we move the date or keep it as is and just have whoever can come at short notice and hope for the best? It is really starting to get to me!

Thank you in advance, your opinions are greatly appreciated!


We haven't sent out invites yet (I refuse to waste money until its all sorted) so that isn't to much of a problem.

The visa has been in for about 6 months now (Immigration told us it would take about 4-6 months to get it processed and they have told us all we need is the FBI and police there to do background check then they can go through it all).

Yes we have met in real life, its something we had to do to be sure and we both knew not long after that its what we wanted. We've talked about every issue we (and my parents) can possibly think of.

Immigration are the ones who told us about this visa and how long it would take (we called them to make sure we did it the right way).

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  • Joseph
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    10 years ago
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    People on short notice and hope for the best?? Are you kidding. Family is important to you. Move the wedding date. If you've already sent wedding notices/invitations, send a short note explaining the decision to pospone the affair. Immegration/visa red tape. They'll understand. Why shouldn't they, they're family right? Don't set a new date till Mr. Wonderful gets to Australia. Once he's there, you can do all the planning and arranging necessary. And let the guests know that too. Good Luck.

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  • 10 years ago

    Umm who said the visa would take this long? How long has the application been filed for? If your partner is coming to Australia the FBI doesn't do the background check, we don't have FBI in Australia! It sounds like you've had the application in for a while, it doesn't take this long to get a visa. I hope you have filled in the correct paper work for this, for an intended spouse a visa is not the correct form. It would be a lot easier if you were engaged. By the way, have you ever met him or is it an internet thing? Just curious.

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  • algood
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    3 years ago

    talk on your grandma. If she does not care, you should no longer care- do no longer hassle approximately your different nosy kin that are commencing hassle. yet I warning you: in case you get the slightest inkling that grandma is the only in the back of something of your loved ones telling you to pass the date, perchance you should. i realize it sucks, yet there is not any reason to have your wedding ceremony grow to be some style of kin feud- there'll be adequate stress as that is. that could be a time on your existence the place you want to have your loved ones's love and help so which you will all have fun at the same time. If this suggests waiting till Oct. thirtieth, 2010 and having a Halloween-themed reception particularly, so be it. protecting the peace would be easily nicely well worth the wait.

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  • 10 years ago

    Tell everyone and plan the wedding.

    He can be here even if it only ends up being on a holiday visa.

    Even if you have a ceremony and reception and have to redo the legal stuff at least it won't mess up any of the plans you have already made.

    Having said that book your reception venue NOW if you are planning to get married in 166 days as you will find most popular wedding venues will already be booked out.

    I know he wants to be involved, but take photos at every vendor you go to and send them to him for his opinion before you decide on the details.

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  • 10 years ago

    I don't see why you cannot tell everyone. I'm sure they will understand that it's a visa problem to explain why he isn't there. He can still propose when he gets there, but I would tell people to give them a chance to make it!

    Good Luck and Congratulations!

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