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Would you consider Stephen Gately one of the greatest Irishmen ever?

I wouldn't , and Bono doesn't even pay his taxes.

Also , if Stephen Gately can even get a mention , where the hell is Luke Kelly?

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    Gately is not worthy of a place on this top ten 'grate list' , sounds like the poll was conducted on the set of a saturday morning kids television show

    on a brighter note, we should be thankful that gerry ryan, bertie ahern, gay burn and mary harney (minister's of many falsehoods) are not on this list

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    I'm very surprise Wilde, Yeats or Shaw didn't make it, not surprised Dev didn't, but how did Pearse get on to it?, Stephen Gately should not be there, but the poll is a product of our times, if it was conducted next year he wouldn't be on it, but I'm glad Noel Browne and Phil Lynott made it, hopefully they'll make the final 5.

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    He is not even the greatest member of Boyzone, Ronan Keating and Keith Duffy do a lot of charity work. That poll was just a popularity contest. If he was still alive he would not have been in the forty that were in the poll.

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    Not a chance in hell, that list is total BS. It's too celebrity centered, what happened to people like Michael Cusack, Maurice Davin, Christy Ring, Stoker, Wilde, Yeates, Joyce, Heaney, De Valera (even though he split this country in 2).

    If Gately was still alive (or died >2 years ago) he wouldn't make it near the top 1000 list, I mean come on what the hell did he ever do except play second fiddle to Ronan Keating.

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    I saw the so called top 10 on the paper and i was astounded.

    no De Valera, no Joyce, no Yeats, no Wilde.

    I didnt even know who stephen gately was until he died.

    he lived in spain and may have been a good singer but what had he actualy done for Ireland.

    i was also left wondering how gately beat luke kelly, liam clancy, and dats just singers.

    weve left out lemass, jack lynch.

    but back to gately....did he even live in ireland?

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    Well I have to say he was a very talented person. He had a great voice, he had a great personality, and he was just a good person. Sure anybody can say anything they want about him but it won't change my opinion about him. There are a lot of "stupid singers" out there that sing nothing but "garbage", but Stephen Gately along with the other members of Boyzone sang some great songs. Sure they didn't get much credit for their songs.

    But to answer your question because I'm a big fan of Ronan Keating, he is the first greatest Irishman ever, then it would have to be Stephen Gately!!!:)

    You all can rate me down because I know most of you for some unknown reason don't like Ronan Keating but I think he is amazing!!!!

    Source(s): 1 Boyzone Fan!!!!
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    I'm sure he did alot for the gay community in Ireland what with his civil partnership and all but I wouldn't consider him on of the greatest Irishmen of all time. Yeah sure Bono has done alot for the world but he's be so much better if he paid his taxes and shut up once in a while...

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    Hahahaha NO!!!

    What did he ever do for Ireland?? besides being gay and being ronan keatings back up singer!! Lot more people did better than him...its only because he died young that people think he is great. When boyzone split up no one heard of stephen till he died. I think Ronan Keithing did a lot more than him, and he didn't even do much!!!

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    no hardly sher what did he do?? i hate when people make the deceased out to be the greatest people ever but when they were alive they call them all sorts!!! idiots

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    I don't want to sound disrespectful to him as I Liked him & sad he died so young but really he did not deserve to be on the list, when there were lots of great people who helped to shape Ireland & many writers & poets & proper musicians....

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