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Itching/Burning Legs During Workouts?

So whenever I run for 20 minutes or more my legs start to itch/burn severely. They also get faintly blotchy and red. I don't have a history of any kind of chronic or major skin irritation at all so I'm super confused about this. I don't want to jump to conclusions but lately I just have to stop midway through my workout because of the irritation. Any ideas about the cause of this would be welcome. Thanks! :)


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    Seems to me that you have a blood circulation problem.

    Walk for 5 minutes (to warm up), jog for 10 minutes and walk for 5 minutes (to cool down). While jogging, slow down to walking for a minute or two if your heart beats get too fast.

    If you're not sure about your HRT zone (Heart Rate Target), use a heart monitor.

    Only add more minutes to your workout if you don't have itching.


    Lactic acid is a burning sensation inside the muscles and does not cause skin irritation, or blotchy, red skin.

    Still make sure that you slow down so you get enough oxygen to make your workout aerobic and not anaerobic.

    Leg Itch in Unfit Runners

    A person, starting to run after a prolonged period of inactivity can experience intense itch shortly after the start. In a fit runner, the small arteries in the muscles usually open rapidly in response to high demand to blood, but in an unfit runner arteries may not open properly, resulting in irritation of adjacent nerves and itch. The problem should resolve with training.

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    This happens to me as well. In fact, my legs get swollen, red and relentlessly itchy. I used to justify not exercising and always joke around about being allergic to my own endorphins but I'm fearing that there may be some truth in it. Also, as you increase your heart rate, your body is pumping more blood to all areas. The increase in blood flow could explain the increase in sensation, which to you, is felt as itchyness. The inside of a woman's thigh is an area with a high concentration of fatty tissue (for protecting baby's head on the way out I suppose). So, it may just be your tissues and muscles tingling with the extra oxygen...just a thought. The third possible reason could be that your shorts are irritating your thighs from the gentle friction caused by running. Or perhaps your spandex are tight around an area that due to the increase in blood, wants to swell and expand but can't. Try wearing pants and see if that offers any relief. If not, then it's probably internal. Good luck and please let me know what you find out. I've never heard of anyone else having this issue. So, I'm kind of giggling while responding because it's nice to have another scratching weirdo out there!!! your nails real short!!!!

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    Lactic Acid Burning Sensation

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    your 'burning' sensation feeling when you run is normal, it's because your body producing lactic acid. Lactic acid is a bi-product from anaerobic (without oxygen) exercise, such as weight training or cardio workout. Lactic acid is responsible for the 'burning' sensation when the muscle becomes fatigued. When you cannot train anymore, it is due to you either having run out of energy or a build up of lactic acid. Each person produces lactic acid in different level, some have very little causing them some advantages when they perform, such as Lance Armstrong.

    Hope that helps.

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    Yes, in addition to working out your legs, my best advice for you this autumn (and every offseason) is to eat healthy, exercise by doing weight lifting, and either jogging or going for a long run every day. If you do these things, you will get faster, stronger, and into better shape, which will greatly improve your chances of becoming a successful, top notch high school football player.

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    Download your favourite tracks to exercise to. If you’ve committed to a half hour session per day then a 30-minute soundtrack of the most upbeat, motivating tunes will retain you pumped up!

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    Keep healthier dessert options available so you have something to take pleasure from during office birthdays and various other celebrations.

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    Sip calorie-free normal water, seltzer, or green tea along with your meal instead of soda, sweetened hot tea, or juice.

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    No raw after four. Your body can’t digest natural food after 4pm so try to eat fruit and salad earlier within the day and stick with cooked food at nighttime.

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    For sandwich-lovers, use spinach or swiss chard leaves instead of a wrap, skip the portion of cheese, and load on the veggies.

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