leaving the union. Private island.?

yes i know this is a stupid question.

if you lived on a private island and owned it in full could you renounce your US citizenship and secede from the union.

what would happen because im pretty sure you cant do this?

would you be thrown in jail for tax evasion or treason?

if they were going to arrest you would they send regular police or Federal authorities?

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  • Will
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    1 decade ago
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    No you couldn't. And the reason pertains to "Ownership." There is a very, very old principle in government that only the King can own land; and the principle is still alive today. All property is technically owned by the state. You may purchase property; but what you're really purchasing is the exclusive right to use the property failing any claim by the state.

    For example, if the state chose to take your property to build a new road or hospital, they could seize it under "Eminent Domain." You have merely purchased the right to use the property; but the state still maintains "sovereignty" over the land. This is the legal basis of Eminent Domain. Hope this clarifies.

  • Chains
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    1 decade ago

    Think about it for a moment. What happened the last time territories of the U.S. seceded from the union? The Civil War.

    Now those folks actually had significant resources AND a willing and able standing army. They still lost and eventually had to capitulate to Federal Authority. Regardless of which side should have won or why, the fact remains; at no time in history has ANY territory or property claimed by the U.S. ever been lost due to secession, rebellion, or any other cause.

    The only thing that has happened in history that might be considered a "loss" of territory depending on your point of view, was when the U.S. agreed to allow Indians to administer their own lands which of course we all know today as "reservations". They largely self-govern but make no mistake, they fall under the jurisdiction of the Federal Government none the less. So even this doesn't really count as a loss of territory.

    As far as what they would do about it, that depends on several factors. I imagine it would depend on the location and strategic value of the territory, how many people were living on that Island with you, whether the Island fell under the direct jurisdiction of a State, or if it is in a U.S. held territory, it might depend on how you went about the act of renouncing your citizenship. It might depend on whether or not they were able to determine if you posed any kind of military threat to the local area. It might depend a great deal on how public you make the issue, the more public you make it, the more likely they will be forced to respond in order to prevent others from following your lead.

    The dreadful fact of the matter is that if what you are talking about is moving to some deserted island in the pacific, pitching a large tent, and declaring yourself independent, it might do nothing more than cause a few chuckles in Washington if they even take you seriously at all. Also, the odds of the U.S. dispatching a 50 million dollar warship to "retake" territory usurped by someone and their 3 buddies who thinks that paying a million dollars for a pile of sand somewhere gives them the right to start their own country are slim to none at best. They would be more likely to let you just sit there until you get virtually destroyed by a hurricane or tsunami.

    However, in the unlikely event that you and a small group of people could actually survive on some remote island somewhere, why would you "poke the sleeping dragon" in the side and take a chance on ruining it all by telling them about it or making a big drama or spectacle over "seceding" from the union. At the very least even if they chose to ignore you, they would not be prone to allowing you to return without paying a hefty price for your insolence, nor would they be very likely to assist you out there should something go very wrong.

    So, if you do it my advice is pretty simple. Keep your mouth shut about it, be certain you have all your ducks in a row BEFORE you get underway, make sure you understand it will likely be a one way trip to whatever island you find, and pray to God you don't run into any Somali prates unless you have had the fore sight to bring with you, a good deal of weaponry and ammunition and enough people who can actually use them. Oh also it might be a good idea if you brought a doctor along in case one of you gets ill. Might not be a bad idea too if one of you was a scientist or an engineer in case you feel like building anything substantial or that requires some form of power to use. Oh and a naturalist in case you get tight on food, someone who can tell the difference between a berry that will feed you and one that will kill you is handy out there. I am sure there are about 20 other types of people that you REALLY want with you if you were actually serious about cutting off all ties to society, but something tells me that at some point you will decide that this is FAR to big of an effort and risk to undertake, for far too little of a pay-off.

    Either way.....good luck.

  • 1 decade ago

    You may think you "owned it in full" but to whom would you turn If some better armed character decided he "owned it in full."

    It is in fact the government which grants and protects property rights. If you leave the government then you also lose the guarantee of those rights and the government would feel free to sell those rights to another citizen. As part of that sale the government would no doubt evict you and make sure you don't bother the new owners and what do you think would happen then.

    Or you could just not tell them that you have seceded from the union and thus given up your property rights to the next person. But then you have to follow their laws so they don't find out and what's the fun in that.

    As to who they send to evict you the sheriff or the feds, It could be either depending on whose taxes you decided not to pay and how big a nuisance you made of yourself.

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    if you owned your own island you could secede. Wouldn't get any funding for roads and such....but my island would be well secured

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  • RT
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    1 decade ago

    you'll be under water when the caps melt... bad idea.

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