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Product Partners LLC p90x Letter/email lawsuit, Cease and desist?

I just received an email from Product Partners LLC. It said I had participated in the selling of counterfeit products (p90x from BeachBody)and had to pay $893.16 or may be taken to court for violating copyright laws.

Please don't lecture about selling these goods, I'm not looking for judgment, just some legal advise.

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    Don't mean to sound rude, but since this is a real case, you need to contact an attorney right away instead of posting this to strangers on Yahoo Answers. The longer you wait, the more difficult it may be to protect your rights.

    Also, I strongly suggest you do not post any more facts about your case on a public forum, especially in light of any pending litigation. I suspect posting the exact amount of your alleged infringement makes it very easy for the opposing counsel to search for this post on Google. Anything more you say here may be used against you in court.

    Although I am a lawyer and some others on Yahoo Answers are also lawyers, we cannot give you legal advice over a public forum due to various ethics rules. Also, even if I could give you legal advice, you have only provided a very general introduction to your case. For example, I still don't have any idea what you sold, how much you sold, whether those goods you sold were real or counterfeit goods, etc. There may be various other facts at play here. Thus, the most useful advice will come from an attorney who is fully aware of all the facts after a complete consultation with you in private.

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