Why was FireFly cancelled?

That was one of the best sci fi shows ever. Who in their right mind would cancel it and why?

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    it wasn't really the ratings as much as it was how FOX treated the show. they kept moving it around more or less every week so it never had time to build up an audience. if you have the DVD set, they go into more of an explanation there, or maybe it was the movie special features i don't remeber, you could probly youtube it. firefly was just another show that got screwed over by FOX being mental. if you don't beleive me other shows that FOX cancelled for no good reason include family guy, futurama, arrested development... check out the list i found here:


    Look at what's number one on the list.

    PS if you liked futurama it's coming back to tv this june, i just found out myself and am letting the whole world know

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    Why Was Firefly Cancelled

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    Quite simple: Ratings.

    It's just one of those brilliant shows that nobody really finds out about until the end of the season and by then the network decides to cancel it because not enough people tuned in. Because of the cult fan base and word of mouth, they were able to tie the series up with Serenity.

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  • 1 decade ago

    same reason that every show get cancelled... The Ratings.. duhh.

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