I keep getting computer error to reboot and select proper boot device whenever I try to turn my computer on?

Recently, my computer was starting to freeze up. Worried, I decided to force my computer to turn off (Switching the flip of the power cord its on). I let the computer rest for a minute then turned it back on. The normal blue start-up screen was the same, however after a minute a black screen popped up. The message read "Reboot and Select proper Boot Device or Insert Boot Media in selected Boot device and press a key". Having NO idea what this meant, I restarted my computer several times to see if I would keep getting the same message. It happened each time. I do not understand technical terms, so if you could break down exactly what I should do, that would be great. Also, as far as I know, no cables are unplugged, and every device is in its proper place. Thank you very much!

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    About 85% of computer errors come from one single place. That place is the Windows registry.The Windows registry is the most important and error prone directory on our CPU's. It contains information and settings on all software and hardware in our systems. Action files to run programs are there. Yet at the same time it is very prone to causing computer errors. The more files and programs we install or remove lead our registry to be filled with redundant and corrupted information. In order to fix computer errors we must first fix windows registry problems.If you want to fix computer error messages then look no further. Scan your computer http://best-way-to-improve-pc-performance.com and I promise you will be quite surprised to see how many errors it will find.

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    turn your laptop off and turn it lower back on. earlier it boots up (comes on) hit the F10 key. this could deliver you into setup mode this is exceedingly self explainatory as quickly as your there. you would be able to desire to scroll to locate your boot order. you will detect a itemizing which incorporates floppy (if desirable) disk, CD ROM, and annoying rigidity (i've got faith). maximum computers persist with an identical bootup gadget record this is CD ROM, annoying rigidity, and floppy. Set your record in that order and shop variations. Reboot and you will be ok. i could bypass lower back to the buyer and request the XP disc as you would be able to like it for numerous issues interior the destiny. Oh, if your laptop would not bypass to setup mode on F10, attempt F8 and then F5 certainly one of them could artwork. I additionally recommend which you study your instruction manual and grow to be conscious of the equipped in gadget techniques. there's a function which you employ to shop the configuration of your complete laptop at any given element (date). in case you run into issues (exceptionally without the XP disc) you may bypass to the techniques and hit the return to configuration date you earlier stored each and every thing at. i'm somewhat rusty having been removed from the interest for over a 12 months (laptop recycling) so i desire my information facilitates out.

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