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Opinion on names!!???????

Hey guys I'm Leah,

i'm 23 week pregnant and just coming up with names for our baby!

We haven't yet found out if the baby is a Boy or girl but, we have names picked out

so from you i'm just wondering out of the names which one would you pick for a boy and girl!

so for boys we like the names:

Canan Shiloh

Devan James

Brendan Isaac

Acea Matthias (Ace-uh)

Ezra Joseph

Girls we like:

Alaina Susa

Emery Grace

Arden Julias

Mollie Payson

;] You can swip swop names as well as Add you're own too!

;] Thanks

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    lol. Well as a friend i will tell you the truth! ;]

    I really do like Acea Matthias becuase you totally got that name from

    me! & Canan Shiloh is CUTE!

    Ezra is one of my favorite names in the bible!

    Alaina is so less common Which i like, and you as well

    I really think Emery goes well with Delaney and Gracie but, Slash the middle name!

    Susa for some reason just attached to me and i actually really like it!

    Also Leah, Arden is cute!

    Come see us soon!

    Source(s): Friend and Mom of 5 and baby 6 on the way!
  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    Acea Shiloh

    Emery Payson

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    I would go with Brendan Isaac or Mollie Payson. I think those are both nice names.

    Brendan James and Mollie Grace would be cute too.

    Other names:















    Alana (uh lon uh)

    Hope this helps you :)

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    Canan Shiloh - prefer Cannon or Kael

    Devan James - okay

    Brendan Isaac - okay

    Acea Matthias (Ace-uh) - prefer Ace

    Ezra Joseph - good

    Alaina Susa - change Susa - Susan means lily - so maybe Lillian

    Emery Grace - Good

    Arden Julias - Arden is more of a last name - can mean bronze or fugitive

    Mollie Payson - change Peyson - maybe Peyton or Hayden

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    I love the boys' names! My favourite is probably Devan James, or Maybe Devan Isaac? Acea is a very unusual name, like it, very unique, I just don't like i with Matthias, just my opinion.

    The Girls names are gorgeous! I don't particurlaly like the name Arden Julias though, sounds masculine. Emery Grace is my favourite, but I think Grace Emery sounds better.


  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    Brendan Isaac and Devan James are cute names :)

    I love the name Mollie Payson and i think Alaina Grace, and Poppy May are really girly and cute names :)

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    Devan James and Emery Grace.

  • marie
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    Personally , they arent my favourite names but for boys,

    Brendan Isaac

    Could be

    Brendan Lucas

    Girls names-

    Could use

    Grace Kelly

    Patricia Grace

    Mollie Bailey

    Arden Gizelle (Ja-zelle)

    My own favourites?

    Ayla Rose

    Harlow Brenna

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    I like Devan James the best but i would spell the middle name Jaymes

    And i really like Emery Grace(:






    Amerie (A-Merie)

    Amari (Uh-Mar-EE)



    Alexis Nichole

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    Devan James is really nice.

    Mollie Payson is very pretty!


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