government and media...please help me answer my few questions.?

Why would it be false to say that the media influences public opinion by itself?

a. The media is censured by the FCC

b. The media is in the business of making a profit.

c. The media has been known to create stories

d. The media has been known to lie on stories.

When it comes to labor unions, the media would most likely cater to their activities more if they did which of the following?

a. Became more interested in world affairs.

b. Made their employers life easier

c. Backed a Republican candidate

d. Endorsed a Democratic candidate

Politicians will be more likely to pass on a story if?

a. The media blasts another politician

b. The media blasts the politician who gave them the source.

c. The media paints the the politician favorably

d. The media paints his opponent favorably

Which of the following is not something that influences what the media covers?

a. Journalists

b. Interest groups

c. Politicians

d. All of them influence the media.

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    Common sense and simple observation show that the media is not the only source influencing public opinion. The media has a strong influence on public opinion. Many outlets in the media practice a form of self censorship for fear of offending those who contribute to their revenue, losing access to a source of stories, ie. politicians, and covering a story that is true yet is not politically correct and or runs against its institutional philosophy.

    The media caters to labor unions by reporting favorable on issues important to them, like card check. Ignoring or failing to report on labor union abuses or corruption or focusing or corporate abuses of its employees.

    Politicians will not knowingly forward a story if it is going to blow up in their face.

    D. All influence what media covers.

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    1. a

    2. c

    3. d

    4. d

    Good luck!

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