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Where do i find a receipe for Meat Curtains?

My boyfriend's birthday is this friday and when i asked him what he wanted for a special dinner he said my beef curtains. But I have never made him anything like that before. I asked my mom if she had a recipe for them as she has recipes for everything but she didn't know what they were either. Does anyone have any idea?

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    I have good recipes for Rice Pee-Flaps and Twice Stuffed Clam..

    Source(s): Maybe an appy and a side dish for your beefy curtains?
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    Source(s): Perfect Paleo Recipe Cookbook -
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    seriously??? troll.....

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    Skirt steak marinated in a protein juice mix makes for great meat curtains. Try the recipe out on your mom first. She will love it.

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    You could try offering him your mom's meat curtains and your own. Then he can compare them. He might be into this sort of thing.

    Source(s): Oh, the hilarity.
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    just lather some butter between your legs most guys like it raw

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    They are real good served with Fromunda Cheese.

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    Google has some of the best recipes!

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    He wants to have sex with you.

    "Meat curtains" is guy slang for labia (you know, your vagina lips). Saying a girl has big meat curtains is usually derogatory as it's not exactly the most attractive feature of a vagina. He was probably just teasing you though.

    If he wants to "eat your meat curtains" then he wants to perform oral sex on you. If your mom doesn't know either it's probably best not to tell her what they are either, since then she'd know about your boyf wanting to do you.

    Source(s): I'm a guy. I know these things.
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