What are the differences between molting in crustaceans and insects?

as it relates to hormonal control.

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    i don't know how a crustacean molts but I do know insects.

    A hormone does click in it to signal a time to molt. Usually when it eats a bunch of food and grows much to big for its original plate of armor. So a hormone called brain hormone courses into its hemolyph and makes it clear its gut. So it craps and frasses. Then It starts to release certain chemicals that dissolve the old chitin and old skin. And then it pumps blood hard; Like a hydraulic system until it cracks along points of weakness. Once it cracks the insect wiggles free. It very vonarable until sclerozation happens. Which is hardening of the exoskeleton. Now that dissolved old chitin is reused to make a new exoskeleton and keep important things. So insects also have juvenile hormone which basically keeps going until its final adult molt.

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