Unusual girls names..?

Please tell me your favorite or least favorites from this list and put a brief explanation beside it. I am attempting to make this list smaller.

Arabella, Arielle, Aurora, Annalisa, Angelina, Alisonya, Aaliyah, Addison, Ashton, Alana, Aisha, Aria, Alondra, Alexandria, Alexandra, Ami, Amisha, Annika, Anisa, Antonia, Anya, Arianna, Abrianna, Ashanti, Ashlyn, Aubrey, Angelisa, August, Anastasia, Alexiana, Allisah, Ananiah, Almah, Ashira, Azalia

Bella, Belicia, Bristol

Caelan, Callista, Chase, Charlotte, Charlene, Charlise/Charlisa, Cyan, Catherine, Cherise, Clarissa, Collette, Cosette, Constance, Corrina/Corrine, Carmen, Camille, Chalise

Dove, Delayna

Elianah, Elise, Eva, Evie, Ebony, Elaina, Elysium, Ellam, Elisah, Engracia, Elisheba, Eden

Florence, Farrah, Felicia

Gwen, Gabriella, Gianna, Gloria, Grace

Hallie, Hailey, Harlequin, Hope, Haven


Jolene, Jasmine, Jenna, Joyce, Justine

Kallista, Kalena, Kylie, Kyrie, Kate, Kylah, Kyrah, Kyrian, Kiannah, Katrina, Kailani, Kaiah, Kaolin, Kaitlin, Kaliyah, Karena, Kaylah, Kiersten, Kiloh, Kylena, Kylianah

Lilian, Lily, Lydia, Leandra, Lana, Larissa, Latasha, Latisha, Lara, Leilani, Lael, Leticia, Lilah

Mariska, Meredith, Maxis, Maxine, Madelyn, Madison, Makayla, Meriwether

Nicole, Nika, Niko, Nikita, Neve, Natasha, Natalie, Natalya, Nadine, Nadia, Noemi

Olivia, October, Oleander

Rosalie, Rosabella, Rose

Sienna, Sierra, Sahara, Serena, Sadie, Sonia, Selena, Selene, Simone, Samara, Sabrina, Sandra, Serenity, Shaniah, Sheena, Sheree, Shira, Sophia, Sian, Saisha, Seraphina, Shalisa, Sheba, Selah

Tara, Trinity, Thalia, Taliyah, Tasha, Tasia, Tatiana, Talisha

Verity, Vivian

Winter, Wednesday, Willow

Yakira, Yulisa, Yolana

Zaharah, Zeva, Zena, Zandra, Zasha

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    I do not like Zasha or Zena. Too....space-like.

    I am annoyed with the name Zeva....reminds me of NCIS, I hear it too much and I dont really like it.

    None of the Y's

    Wednesday is the only W name I like on your list. Willow sounds too mushy and hippie. Winter is okay, but I dont really like it.

    The V's arent bad.

    No Tasha, Tatiana or Talisha. Tatiana is too fancy and Tasha and Talisha are very common.

    Shaniah, Sheree, Shira, and Shalisha are...ok I guess.

    Sienna, Sierra, Serena, Selena, and Samara are fine, I dont really care for the rest.

    Rosalie is a good name. None of the other R's make my cut.

    No Oleander.

    Neve? No. Natasha? Too common. Natalya? Nahhh. Nadine and Noemi???? I'll pass.

    Maxine, Makayla and Meriwhether are out.

    Lilian, Lily, Latasha, Latisha, Leilani, Lael, and Leticia are e-liminated. Duh, duh, DUHHHH!

    Kaitlin and Kaylah? Bye Bye.

    No Kallista, Kalena, Kate, Kyrian, Katrina, Kailani, or Kaolin.

    Isabella is alright.

    Hailey and Hope are also very common. Hallie (not pronounced Hayley right, Halle?) Harlequin (at least its unique...) and Haven are nice names.

    Gwen is out.

    Felicia is alright. Forget the other F's.

    Get rid of Eva, Evie, Ebony, Ellam, Elisheba and Eden.

    Hi I'm Dove. Really? Delayna is good though.

    Collette, Cosette, Constance, Corrina and Corrine, Camille, Cherise, Catherine, Callista and Caelan, in my opinion, arent great names. The other C's arent bad. I like them actually...there great....

    Belicia and Bristol are gone.

    Aurora and Annalisa need to go. Aaliyah? I dont even know how to say that... Aisha, Aria, Alondra, Ami and Amisha are not names I like. Abrianna, Ashanti and Aubrey? No thanks. Aubri, with an i, is better at least. No more August and Almah...

    These are just my opinions, dont take it personally. Most of them are nice names, but you want a smaller list right!? Good luck!

  • 1 decade ago

    Arabella, Arielle, Aurora, Annalisa, Angelina, Alisonya, Aaliyah, Addison, Ashton, Alana, Aisha, Aria, Alondra, Alexandria, Alexandra, Ami, Amisha, Annika, Anisa, Antonia, Anya, Arianna, Abrianna, Angelisa, August, Anastasia, Alexiana, Allisah, Ashira, Azalia

    Bella, Belicia,

    Caelan, Callista, Charlotte, Charlene, Catherine, Clarissa, Collette, Cosette Carmen, Camille,

    Dove, Delayna

    Elianah, Elise, Eva, Evie, Ebony, Elaina, Elysium, Elisah Eden

    Florence, Farrah, Felicia Gabriella, Gianna,

    Hallie, Hailey,


    Jolene, Jasmine, Jenna, Justine

    Kallista, Kalena, Kate, Kiannah, Katrina, Kaiah, Kaliyah, Karena, Kylena,

    Lilian, Lily, Lydia, Lana, Leilani, Lael, Leticia, Lilah

    Mariska, Meredith, Madison,


    Rosalie, Rosabella, Rose

    Sienna, Sierra, Serena, Sadie, Selena, Samara,Serenity, Shaniah, Sheena,Shira, Saisha, Seraphina, Shalisa, Thalia, Tatiana, Talisha Willow Yolana Zasha

    Some of the names really weren't unusual..... these are my favorites

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    Im a brown person, and my take on baby names are more exotic. Most people who probably answer this, will choose common pretty names, but not beautiful names that are catchy to the eye.

    Arabella, Arielle, Aurora,Alisonya, Aaliyah,Alondra,Anya, Arianna,August

    Favourites: Alondra, August

    Callista,Cyan,Collette,Carmen, Camille

    Fav: Carmen, Camille

    Elise, Eva, *****Esme

    Fav: Eva,Esme


    fav: Felicia

    Gwen, Gabriella, Gianna

    Favs: Gwen

    Harlequin, Hope, Haven

    Favs: Haven


    Favs: Ivy


    No Favourite

    Kallista, Kalena,Kiannah,Kaliyah, Karena,

    Favs: Kallista


    Favs: Leandra



    Sienna, Sierra,Sahara,Simone,Seraphina,

    Favs: Simone

    Trinity, Thalia, Tatiana, ***Tabitha

    Favs: Tatiana


    Favs: Vivian


    Favs: Willow


    Fav: Yakira

    Here are some more names? Paige, AUtumn, Ive, Sage, Nala, Sritinambia, Dmitri, Ali?

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    Like: Arabella, Arielle, Aurora, Annalisa, Angelina, Aaliyah,Aisha, Aria,Alondra, Alexandria, Alexandra, Ami,Amisha, Annika, Anisa,Anya, Arianna,Ashanti, Ashlyn, Aubrey, Angelisa, Anastasia, Alexiana, Allisah, Ananiah, Almah, Ashira, Bella, Charlotte, Charlene, Charlise,Clarissa, Corrina, Carmen,Eva,Hailey,Isabella,Jasmine,Kylah,Larissa,Leticia,Nicole,Nikita,Natasha, Natalie,Nadia, Noemi

    Sierra, Sahara, Serena, Sadie, Sonia, Selena,Sophia,

    My favorite names: Farrah, Katrina,Karena,

    Farrah is a famous indian director

    Katrina is a famous indian actress

    Karena is a famous indian actress but her name is spelled Kareena

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  • 1 decade ago

    August, Anastasia, Almah, - theese names are the prettiest a names and the ones that arent that common almost every other name in that section was not original


    Caelan, Cosette Camille- theese are beautiful names

    Dove, - pretty

    Elianah,- cute

    Florence, Farrah, Felicia- all of theese are to 70's for me

    Gianna,- cute but once again the names werent original

    Harlequin,- reminds me of a hooker Haven- cute

    Isabella- no way

    Jasmine, - if i had to pick then this one

    Kiannah,- its really cute

    , Lily,, Leandra,- lily is really pretty


    Neve- this names ok

    October, - super cute

    Rosalie, - its super pretty even though tis gotten popular after twilight

    Sian- only original there and it was cute

    , Trinity, -cute

    , Vivian- classic

    Winter, Wednesday, Willow - i like theese the best

    Yakira, Yulisa, Yolana - no way in hell


  • 5 years ago

    Lucina Alva lone Celandine Amaryllis Linnet Luana Theia Lorena Maren Bernadette Pandora Garnet Azure Teal BQ: Soleil, Linnea, Auburn

  • Jade
    Lv 5
    1 decade ago

    I like...

    Aaliya, Addison, Alana, Alexandria (every consider spelling it Alyxandria?), Ashlyn,


    Charlise, Cyan, Clarissa, Chalise,

    Elise, Eva,




    Kylie, Kylah, Kaylah,

    Lilian, Lily, Larissa, Lilah,

    Madelyn, Makayla,



    Selena, Sabrina, Serenity, Sophia (ever consider spelling it Sofia?), Seraphina,

    Tatiana, Trinity,

    Zaharah, Zasha.

    I like those names. I don't know exactly why but maybe cause they are different and unique. They appeal to me.

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    I like most of these, others I can't pronounce.

    Dislike: Angelina (reminds me too much of Angelina Jolie, not a big fan), Florence (kinda reminds me of a old woman), Wednesday (reminds me of the girl from Adams Family)

    Favorites: Eva & Haven

    &if I can suggest an awesome unusual name: I love the name Vashti! :)

  • 1 decade ago


    Always liked this name, it sounds like a proper little girls name


    To be honest I have never thought about using it as a name but when you say it it sounds really good. I'd certainly put it in my short list

  • 1 decade ago

    Neve, Olivia, Willow, Haven, Rose...

    I'm in love with different names.

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