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What's with all the earthquakes?

I know the deniers are all out there lying about global warming. Do people believe that earthquakes are a hoax too?


Yes tell that to the Jamaicans!!!!

Update 2:

I mean the Hatians!

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    Earthquakes are a very normal part of the Earth. That is how the Earth changes. Nothing new about BIG or small earthquakes. They have been going on from the beginning of Earth's time.

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    What exactly is the question, though? Is it the hoax thing, or the earthquake thing, or the global warming thing?

    There does not seem to be any relationship between global warming and earthquakes, nor is it likely that there will be one. Climate change and plate tectonics have no linking mechanism. Nor does there seem to be yet a statistically significant amount of recent really bad earthquakes, though that may change.

    The sense that there has been an unusual number of earthquakes likely comes out of two factors - increased knowledge and awareness of earthquakes as they happen throughout the globe in both science and media, and the humanitarian devastation of the earthquake in Haiti that far exceeds in scale any recent earthquake leading up to or following that quake.

    There has been significantly more deaths due to earthquake this year than last, and the Haitian quake is largely the reason for that. Nearly 2,000 deaths were the result of earthquakes in 2009. So far this year it's been about 230,000 deaths from earthquake with about 500 deaths from earthquakes other than the one in Haiti.

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    No, the earthquakes are not caused by global warming. That is a hoax.

    The earthquakes show that the Earth is splitting in two as a punishment from God.

    Didn't you notice? Earthquakes in Chile, Haiti, and now California. That's almost a straight line, if you look on a map.

    Obviously God is angry at us for becoming too socialist. And He was angry at Haiti for being so corrupt.

    The location of the earthquake right near the place where illegal aliens come into the USA is an unmistakable sign from God that He does NOT want us to give amnesty to illegal aliens.

    I mean, how much more obvious does it have to get?

  • Earth quakes are the result of a sudden release of energy in the earth's crust that creates seismic waves. Earth quakes can manifest from the earths ever changing climate. No earth quake has ever been connected too the excess of CO2 or "global warming" or is it climate change now?

    P.S. The whole denier thing is ridiculous what are we holocaust deniers too? You sound like a believer of a mythological religion.

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    Not sure how scientific it is, but when you drain the oil from an engine it clunks around a bit before freezing completely up. Perhaps we've taken so much oil out of the earth that there is no more lubrication for the tectonic plates.

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  • Global warming doesnt cause Earthquakes. Plates slipping and rubbing off of each other do. You need to go back to college

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    Some people are not as smart as others,build you home on a fault line guess what it will be subject to earthquakes.Build below sea level don't take care of the levies it floods.Build your home without real re bar and cement it fall down.Not to be racist but the blacks and liberals do this all the time.California is a good example.

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    Better give all your money to Al Gore and beg the Government to tax us more. It will save us from natural geographical and climate changes. If you've ever even exhaled any CO2 it's your fault. Besides, Al Gore's mansion and private jet cost money to maintain, and there's nothing that would make the world's bankers happier than a global tax. BTW, that supernova was your fault too! Have you no sense of responsibility?

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    Plate Tectonics?

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    you shouldn't tie global warming with earthquakes. earthquakes are independent from the changing weather conditions.

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