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north korea football team?

i thought kim yung ill (or whatever he's called) gave a massive **** about people leaving the country, or having mobile phones ect.. so how are they going? and what clubs do they play for?

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    The North Korean team is the mystery team. So little is known.

    North Korea has been to the World Cup before.

    They routinely send teams to the Summer and Winter Olympics too.

    This is not out of the ordinary for the nation.

    Like any nation I bet North Korea has a football league and picks its national team from the league.

    While the players are in South Africa I am sure they won't be allowed to go out and have fun on their own and they will be warned their families will end up in prison camps if they defect. When they get back they will be warned to lie about what they saw and tell everyone the West is starving and full of violent people who live in homes without heat or running water.

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    Most of the North Koreans play in North Korea.

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    Between the paranoia instilled in North Koreans from birth and the large state apparatus complete with "minders", I'm sure the NK soccer team will be kept in line.

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