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Alice In Wonderland/Willy Wonka Clothing?

I'm going to a party, and the theme is Willy Wonka/Alice in Wonderland...type stuff.

I'm going to wear a dress, but I can't think of anywhere to look to find a dress that would fit into that category.

If you saw the new Alice in Wonderland, the dress that she was wearing when she was in the Kingdom of Hearts or whatever... that red dress she was wearing...I was thinking something like that. But I don't know what that style is called, or where to look for it.

Please HELP!

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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago
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    Alice didn't wear the same thing in KH and the movie. But I think "Sweet Lolita" style of dress might be the thing you need. You can find plenty of them on Ebay or something.

    Good luck.


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